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Tired of Retirement? Become a Freelancer with GharSeNaukri

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Organizations may have an age of retirement but there is no cut-off age in life that stops anyone from doing a job until the person is healthy and fit. If you are a woman who has recently retired, you have every right to be at home and enjoy the goodies of life after retirement. However, if you are someone who is still feeling active enough to take up a job, and are tired and bored with retirement, then you must explore the golden opportunity of doing “GharSeNaukri”.
You might have heard about the “GharSeNaukri” concept from many of your friends but may have doubted whether it is for real. If you look around, you will see that there are many women and even young unmarried girls who would like to work from their homes but have no clue how to go about it. It boils down to extensive search on internet to sniff out any job opportunity that allows them to work from their home. All these people have desperately wished there was one touch-point or platform that was dedicated to providing work from home.
A Job portal unlike any other!
GharSeNaukri” is one such dream-come-true podium and what makes it super-special is the fact that it is a job platform that is exclusively dedicated to women and girls. The promoters of the concept feel very strongly for critical social issue like ‘women empowerment’ and they rightly concluded that a ‘work-from-home’ concept is actually needed more by women than man as men face no hurdles in doing a job outside the home. Women and girls on the other hand face a lot of social and family pressures if they choose to do a regular office job. For such women, “GharSeNaukri” is a tailor-made solution. They will be able to do a job and earn for their family without antagonizing family elders or the society.
Tons of Jobs for retired woman too!
Fortunately, retired women like you were lucky enough that you could successfully pursue a career with support of the family. However, it is justifiable for such elderly ladies to wish for a job that allows them to work from home itself. “GharSeNaukri” is probably the only podium that allows them opportunities to do so. There are many freelance jobs that can be handled by an educated retired woman. She can be a tutor, an investment advisor, a data processor, a medical transcriptionist, an HR coordinator, a content writer, Tele-sales or leads generation officer or a Tele-survey conductor, etc.  The job portal is actively in touch with employers in vast number of Industries to advertise their “for women only” job vacancies. The response has been highly promising and profoundly encouraging.
Have a dignified retired life
If you are retired women, by doing a freelance part time job you can use your free time in a very productive manner to earn a good amount per month. It is an undeniable fact that earning members command more respect in a family than those who are dependent on others. So, if you are not too old and you have free time at hand after retirement, you might as well take up a “GharSeNaukri” job and have a dignified post-retirement life.  Join the ‘women empowerment’ movement of “GharSeNaukri” yourself and also refer other women friends to register with the portal by uploading their CVs and you will be eligible for a fabulous reward program too!
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