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Tips to Stay Healthy and Agile while you Work from Home During the Lockdown

staying healthy while you work from home

With Covid crisis, when most of you are working from home, it is very essential that you take care of your health at home. Staying home is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe from the infection. But, then, while working continuously at home, sitting glued on your chair, it might affect your health.

Yoga experts say, “It is necessary to maintain a routing movement of the body. Otherwise it may affect your immunity and health”.

So, how do you keep yourself fit and fine during this lockdown period?


Of course, a healthy balanced diet is a must. Now that you cannot order food from outside, you are always having homemade food, which is the best way to keep yourself food. Eat nuts, fruits, fresh fruit juices, milk, hot soups, water…keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water. Include garlic, turmeric, ginger and other essential spices in your diet which keep your immune system stronger.

Exercises that can be done indoors

Stretch your body

Sitting on the chair, you can stretch your body. It helps to release the muscle tension. Rotate your neck sideways, clockwise, anti-clockwise 5-6 times. Then put your hands straight in front of you, make a fist and rotate both your wrist. You can also make a grip of your hands and stretch in front and back. Pull your chair back a bit, stretch your legs and rotate your ankles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Keep on repeating these exercises during the entire day. These body stretching exercises help to lose tight muscles, help your muscles to relax and increase blood flow in the body. Stretching your body also helps to loosen body fats.


Breathing exercises

Start your day with a simple breathing exercise. Breathe in, hold your breathe for 10 seconds, breathe out…continue this for 10-15 times. In case, you are already into yoga, you should continue with your other yoga exercises.

breathing exercise benefits


Fitness trainers say, “Since everyone is at home, it will make sense for families to undertake training exercise together”

Well, now the entire family is at home, try to do some activities together. Maybe, play some music and dance your full heart out. Not only this becomes a fun family time but it also helps you to relax your mind and body. You don’t have to be an expert…just dance!!!


Take a stroll inside your home or jog at one spot

In between your work, take breaks in the same way you take in your office.  If you say that you used to take morning walks regularly, then at this time, it is better to stop going out for your regular walks. In stead, move around in your home only. You can also try jogging or jumping at one place.

Jog on the spot


Last but not the least, meditation is another way by which you can keep yourself healthy and positive at this time. Fix up a time to meditate and follow the same time. There are lots of benefits associated with meditation.






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