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Tips to Get Rid of an Unhappy Work Life

unhappy work life
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Unhappiness in work life  is  one of the most common problems that many working professionals face. Why? How? When? ….No body knows. There are no specific reasons as such but there can be many reasons building up  a situation where you start hating your job, your work life, your colleagues, your work environment and so on. And this can take place at any point in your career, be it in an executive level or at a senior management level. Such a phase is bound to occur in most of our lives, especially in the lives of the married professional women. For a woman, maintaining a home and work becomes difficult. As as the office hours are over, she has to run back home to take care of the other household duties. Work pressure, competition, dis-balance in work-life, family responsibilities …all these affect work life.  The end result is that they become less productive, become more stressed, which affect their health in the long run, and at the end , most women leave their jobs.

How to make your work life productive and happy?

Is leaving a job the solution? No, not at all. When you are not happy with your work life, it is better to rectify the situation and bring about a change in your life through your own efforts. Presenting below some tips to get rid of an unhappy work life:

Get rid of the unhappy situations in your work life

Experts say “change your attitude”. You can try on your own to transform an unhappy work environment into a happy one and make it more productive:

  • Ask your team head for a transfer, may be at a new location or in a new department
  • Ask for new projects which you have not tried earlier
  • Opt for training on new skills and expertise in your office
  • Ask for an increment in your salary
  • Start networking, not only at office but also through other sources
  • Enhance your professional career by taking up new course of study or new technical skills
  • Take the help of mentors to guide you
  • Start exploring other fields, companies and job duties
  • Don’t hesitate to take risks and try something new
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Take a sabbatical etc.

Leave your job

If the above solutions do not work, the next best solution is to leave your job and this is one common solution that most women opt for. Experts say that when you totally get exhausted with your work life and not happy and at the same time not getting jobs of your choice, then it is better to leave your job. It’s no point taking your life to more stressful situations, where you are in a job that makes your life full of pain, anger and regrets.

Take a break and use it productively

Another way to get rid of an unhappy work life is to take a break from your work. Either you resign or take a sabbatical break. But, in both the cases, make sure, you use your break in a productive way. Take up a new hobby, learn new skills, go out for vacations, read books, listen to music, meet people and make friends. Career breaks are the best ways to unleash your passion as well. Explore things that you wanted to try but never got the time earlier because of your job. Once you start getting rid of the monotonous and unhappy work life through this break, you can start  applying for new jobs with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Start a small business or home business

Many professional women are now giving up their corporate life to start their own business. Women entrepreneurship in India are growing in today’s time. Even the skilled women who are confident in their skills in arts and crafts can opt for starting home-based business. This gives a chance to women to do something which they enjoy doing. So, if your professional work life is not making you happy and if you are passionate to do something of your own, go ahead. Transform your interest and hobbies in to a full fledged business. If you are in doubt, get in touch with WomenInBusiness.in

Work from home

If you feel that your professional work life is taking a toll of your life, you are not happy, it is affecting your health, it is affecting your home, but you are not in a position to leave your job, then opt for work from home options. With the gig economy culture growing in the country, part time, flexible, work from home jobs are available nowadays. Work from home jobs can help you to achieve the perfect work-life balance that you long awaited for. For a plethora of work from home opportunities, visit gharsenaukri.com

Make sure that your new job will make you happy

There is no guarantee that your new job will be better than the previous one. You never know that your new job can be worse than the previous one. Ultimately, its in your hands on how to make your job and your work life happy. Try to get a job that is more meaningful and fruitful to you. When you join back, join with a renewed vision of making it better. Learn from your previous mistakes. Be confident and promise that you will be a valuable contribution to the new job and the organization. A positive attitude towards work can help you to a great extent to get rid of an unhappy work life.

Some Rules to Make your Work Life Happier

  • Don’t trust anyone blindly at your workplace
  • It is in your own hands to make your work life happy
  • Get rid of unhappy situations in your own way
  • Stay positive
  • Improve your own skills
  • Keep on learning as there is no end to learning
  • Don’t disclose your plans/ideas/suggestions with anyone, except the ones concerned
  • Be careful when you speak
  • Give 100% to your work
  • Don’t over exert yourself
  • Don’t neglect your personal life
  • Believe in quality of work and not quantity of hours. In other words,  don’t work beyond office hours
  • Last but not the least, set your professional goals, pursue your passion and dream. This gives you the zeal to move forward in your life and career in a positive way.
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