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Tips to be an Expert in Sales and Marketing and Be an Entrepreneur in your Own Way: Join Grolier

Times are changing. Gone are those days, when sales and marketing jobs were solely for the men folk. Today, women have also trodden in this industry. LinkedIn statistics show that women represent 41% of the active sales workforce — and this number is growing. GharSeNaukri.com in association with Grolier India brings a wonderful opportunity for women which they can conveniently do at their own convenient time in the field of sales and marketing, which can help in making them entrepreneurs in their own way. Developing own business has always been a passion for many women. Understanding and respecting this thought, Grolier has introduced a specific entrepreneurship module where the participants get an opportunity to become a leader/mentor with a weekly pay-outs.

Entreprenuership booth

Job responsibilities

  • Promotional activities for Grolier products
  • Lead generation activities
  • Generate leads through calling, emails, and social media channels
  • Tele calling and door-to-door marketing campaign in schools/colleges,
  • Promoting and selling products among friends, contacts , relatives etc as per Grolier’s guidelines

Get to know the details of the job here Work From Home, Mompreneur

Tips to be successful in sales and marketing and generating leads for Grolier

  • Learn to be agile: The key to success in any business is to learn agility because of the ever-changing business environment. Keep an eye on latest trends, expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and try to incorporate fresh approaches.
  • Distinguish yourself: In order to be successful in sales, you need to differentiate yourself from other sales people. Take full advantage of training imparted on you. Learn to be alert on-job training. Grolier provides 3-day sales training and also hands-on training. Once you learn the trade, you can slowly be transformed into a leader and your peers will seek you out. Customers will recognize you and value you for it.
  • Be both confident and curious: When you take on the new challenge in Grolier, you must exude confidence but at the same time be curious to know more and more about the Grolier products you are selling. Also, accept the fact failures are part of the package. With curiosity, there is more agile thinking and it facilitates deeper insights.
  • Know your product well: As already mentioned, you cannot be successful in sales without knowing your product. Grolier provides a wide range of educational books and tools for young children that improve their learning and development at the initial stages. So, be very clear with all products so that you have all the answers available with you incase of any queries related to the product.
  • Entrepreneurial skills: Last but not the least, you should have the entrepreneurial bent of mind to rise and be successful. Be passionate with your job, love what you are doing and be self-motivated.

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