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A Part Time job is defined as “A form of employment that requires working for fewer hours per week than a full-time job. They work in shifts but remain on call while off duty and during annual leave. The shifts are often rotational.”  It is an accepted norm that a part time employee generally works for less than 40 hours a day.

Reasons to Hire Part-Time Employees

There are various reasons which employers must consider and be open to the concept of having part time professionals in their companies.

  • Hiring part-time employees shall cut down on company’s costs of labour. Employers can save significantly by not offering benefits to part-time staff. Small business owners or start-ups or publication houses or Nongovernmental organizations’ or funding organizations or even big companies who are hiring employees can consider having  part-time staff as it will be  less risky in terms of financial commitment.
  • Furthermore, not all jobs require the services of a full time employee.  The Blog Chron states that “Part-timers also count, for far less cost, when meeting affirmative action goals mandated by the law or government contracts. Two part-timers may provide a wider set of skills than one person could.”
  • Employers may want to consider hiring part-time employees to recruit qualified employees. For example, a stay at home parent may have the exact qualifications you need but the woman professional is only available to work outside of the home from 10 until 3. Women with family responsibilities seek part-time work. Another person may work as a part time writer or a retired lady may seek part-time work to supplement her income, alleviate boredom, or because she wants to lucratively contribute again.
  • Another advantage to hiring part-time employees is that employers have the opportunity to try an employee out before committing to hiring full time. This helps employers assess the individual’s cultural fit, job fit, skills, and ability to learn and contribute.

 Companies/ Organizations Who have Part Time Workers

Starbucks in US employs part time employees and also makes them feel like stakeholders in the business. When a part time employee works for 20 hours a week, she gets all the health benefits including life insurance.

REI , outdoor gear retailer provides benefits for employees who work for less than 20 hours a week.

Various UN organizations hire professionals with legal background or media on a part time basis. These professional works for a few hours every day or a few hours in a week.

Whole food market chain in US hires part time workers and gives them a discount in in-store purchases and health insurance too.

Are the Benefits Real

Of course! Hiring part time professionals is beneficial for companies and employers. Companies pay part-time employees an hourly wage and can schedule them for whatever number of hours they desire. Additionally, part-time employees often receive no benefits and this is lack of benefits saves companies considerably as compared to the total compensation packages paid to full-time or regular employees.

The company has no obligation to schedule part-timers for 40 hours a week if the workload does not require it. Employers only need to schedule when work is needed. Professionals and employers often like the flexibility of part-time schedules as it gives the flexibility to work on varying days and times. Many businesses use part-time workers to fill evening and weekend hours.

Thus to conclude it is essential to create an enabling environment for employees by the employers to hire them in part time jobs. Women brace up to shoulder the responsibility of family and yet have financial independence. About 20 to 25% of Jobseekers registered in GharSeNaukri portal have the aspirations to step out of their homes and carve a niche for themselves. Let’s empower them….for it is not only their right to work but also our duty as a company to hire and make them independent.

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