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Think you can be a Content Writer? GharseNaukri offers Part Time jobs for women

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If you are housewife, a college girl or even a working lady who has enough time at hand to spare after work, there is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to earn good money by being a content writer. “GharSeNaukri” is marvelous concept that helps women of all ages find jobs as per their skills and knowledge and an opportunity to work from their homes.Content writing is one such job which requires nothing but a sound knowledge of a language like English or Hindi or any other native or foreign language, and a brief understanding of what kind of content are required by various websites.

Tips for being a killer content writer

Not everybody has to be a born content writer. If you have good command over a language, you can be a content writer. Content is required for websites, for articles, blogs, Social media posts, press releases and classifieds etc. The content has to be very informative and should basically be so interestingly written that it makes the reader stay on the page and is influenced by what the content says and then proceeds to share it with others. If these three things are achieved then it can be considered a good piece of content writing.  Here are some of the important tips you can keep in mind if you want to land a content writer’s job with job providers like “GharSeNaukri”.

Tip # 1 – Error free language

First and foremost you must make sure that your write up has no grammatical errors. A website visitor judges a brand by the kind of content it posts online about itself. No matter how good a brand is, if its website or any social media profile has a write up which has grammatical errors, it will leave a very bad impression on the user and put them off website in disgust. You don’t have to write like a grammar teacher but you also shouldn’t make basic grammatical mistakes.

Tip #2 – What is the crux?

Every content has a reason, a purpose for which it is created and put up somewhere. Before you start making noise with your keyboard make sure that you know what is the soul or crux of the content you are going to prepare.  See to it that the central point around which the whole yarn is being spun is never lost sight of.

Tip # 3 – Throw a lasso around the audience

Online users have a very bad habit of roving eyes for any interesting image or part of text which makes them pause at a web page. As a content writer you should know which part of the content will make the reader freeze in his or her web-surfing path and highlight it. Mostly it is the headline or title of the write up which a visitor cares to casualty read and so make sure that the title says it all and is very stimulating to the reader.

Tip # 4 – Put on a reader’s cap

When you write content, think of yourself as an end reader of that content and then judge whether you like what you see. Try to be as objective as possible. If after two-three readings you do not particularly like what you see then probably that’s how your audiences are going to feel too.  Dump the content and rewrite till it really makes you shout out “Eureka”!

Tip # 5 – Be short, be precise

Online folks do not have much patience to go through long articles or blogs. A good content is one that says more in few words. Cut out on what is not relevant or which wouldn’t particularly benefit or excite the audience.

Tip # 6 – Maintain keyword density

A lot of content writing work is undertaken to improve a website’s visibility on search engines. This is done by a technique called SEO and it is based upon keyword usage in the content. Make sure you adhere strictly to the keyword density demands.

Tip # 7 – Original content without plagiarism

Plagiarism is simply stealing somebody else’s content and passing it off as yours. There are very smart plagiarism checking software out there and if you ever try to do so, you will surely be caught and you will lose a client forever.

Tip # 8 – Proofread your content diligently

Once you have completed writing the content, make sure you proofread it at least twice. Sometimes it’s very much possible to write “There” as “Their” or “Bear” as “Beer”. Nobody will doubt your writing skills with such mistakes but they will surely dub you as a careless person. This can make less work flow towards you.

Write a success story for yourself with “GharSeNaukri”

Content writing is a golden opportunity for women who cannot take up a regular job and are looking to do “GharSeNaukri”. With a little bit of practice, and of course with basic good command over a language, you can write a success story for yourself. “GharSeNaukri” is a brand new concept which has chosen to tap the vast readily available workforce of women who are homemakers and spinsters and who are in need of a job but also have compelling reasons to stay at home and not do a regular job.  They can not only be a content writer, but also do a number of jobs from which include jobs like Tutor,Tele-marketer, Recruiter, Designer etc.
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