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Things to leave behind in 2019 to take you forward instead of pulling you down


Now that we have entered 2019 and January month is soon going to end, I believe, all of you women are keeping up with following your resolutions for the year.  At the same time, it’s time for us to think more on ourselves, our growth, finances and health. It’s time to use our energy effectively in things that will take us forward and not pull us down.

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SO, here are the things to leave behind so that you are in your best form in 2019

Leave overthinking

You have done something…maybe good or bad. Now, stop overthinking on something that has already been done. No point worrying with “ifs” and “buts” and “maybes”. Overthinking rarely help you to accomplish anything.

Leave doubting yourself

This means, don’t waste your time in self- doubting yourself, on your weaknesses and in-capabilities. It’s time to give more time to your strengths. You have unique skills and talents to offer and share to others. If not, learn new skills to upgrade yourself.

Leave taking responsibility of other problems 

Remember, you are not an agony aunt. It’s good to give your shoulders for others to lean on at times of need but don’t overdo it. You are not obligated to fix someone else’s problem, whether big or small. It’s up to that person to find a solution to his problems.   

Leave concentrating on small stuff

Stop focusing on small things in life. When you look back on 2018, forget the trivial gossips or inconveniences or sad moments or failures. Forget the past, and move on to a better future to achieve your long-term goals.

Leave on focusing on people pleasing

It’s time to live your life your way. Stop people-pleasing. Stop spending your time satisfying others, with no time left for yourself. Remember, your life’s goals are to be achieved by you and not by others.

Leave to worry on things that are not in your control

Stop worrying unnecessarily. You cannot change something which is beyond your control. What you can change is how you react. Instead, be calm, take life as it comes, and choose to be mindful instead of panicking and worrying.

Leave not taking risks

You know your skills and talent, then why don’t you pursue your dreams yourself? You cannot achieve anything in life if you do not take risks. Start taking smart risks and make way for you to become more stronger and better.

Leave not taking care of yourself

Last but not the least, stop keeping yourself at the last for your own health care. Your self-care is equally important as the other members in your family. Listen to your body and know what is pulling you back in terms of your health. Reset and rehabilitate when needed for a “healthier” you.

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