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how to start a work from home job
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5 Essential Tips on How to Start a Work-from-Home Job

Gender diversity at workplace is a common problem in India. According to an HR report published in 2018, only 20% to 30% of the overall workforce is occupied by women in India. With time and experience, when they are eligible to move into mid-management level or senior level, many of …

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Why job seeking women should trust or thrive on GharSeNaukri.com?

Why in India women do not work? Three In Four Indian Women Don’t Work. Is it lack of skills or lack of jobs or other reasons? Neither lack of skills nor lack of jobs…its other factors that contribute to a woman not working in India… First of all, all women …

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10 Unconventional Work from Home Jobs for Women

More and more companies are opting for providing flexible jobs for women in Western countries. In India too, many organizations and MNCs are offering flexible job opportunities for their employees. Jobs with flexible, remote options have become a useful tool for recruiting and retaining talented employees, especially women employees. Allowing …

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Tips to Disagree With your Boss Without Losing your Job

When you work in an organization, you are bound to face situations where you do not agree to what your boss says. While a healthy discussion is a common scenario in all organizations to discuss an important issue, there might be cases where you entirely disagree with the final decision …

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Welcome to the world of ‘Blogosphere’ if you are passionate about writing! Anyone who has the niche to write informative, entertaining content with a unique idea, Blogging shall prove to be a great career option.  And this is wonderful career to work from home if you have a passion for …

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How can Reselling Help You Earn 30k a Month from Home?

Just imagine a situation…you don’t have any products nor you have any capital, yet you are the owner of a fashion store and you are earning from home. Imagine a situation when you wake up in the morning and see the first order of your online store. This is the …

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What Should be the Salary of a Homemaker?

When Manushi Chillar was asked her final question in Miss World 2017 pageant on “which should be the highest paid profession in the world?, ” she very confidently replied that a “Mother should deserve the most highest salary in the world, in terms of love, respect and happiness”. Yes indeed, …

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Which Profession Deserves the Highest Salary and Why: Motherhood

She was asked “Which Profession Deserves the Highest Salary and Why?” She answered, “I think a mother is of the highest respect. I don’t think it’s just about cash but love and respect she gives to someone. She is the biggest inspiration in my life. Mother should get the highest …

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Learn New Skills at Home and Earn Money: Online Training Programs by GharSeNaukri

GharSeNaukri is not simply a platform for women to find out opportunities to work from home, it is also a platform where women can enhance their skills to start something of their own. GharSeNaukri provides this unique opportunity for women to take online training programs, get to know and learn …

Jobs for Women

Work from Home and Earn Money: Be a Holiday Consultant with SOTC

Are you interested to be a part of an exciting career opportunity with a leading travel company without stepping out of your home? Are you looking for a real flexible job that interests you and gives you loads of money? Are you looking for some ways to contribute to your …