Be a Direct Sales Associate with Royal Prestige Cookware: Work from Home and Be an Entrepreneur

Here is another chance for women to work according to their convenience and earn money. A profile which can give a woman to work in flexible timings, learn the trade of sales and marketing and enter the world of entrepreneurship with attractive earnings and incentives. Yes, we are taking about the position of Direct Sales Associate.

Role of a sales associate

Sales Associates are responsible for marketing or selling products in a very direct way. They interact with clients or customers so as to influence them to purchase specific products or services of a company. Usually, this profile is mainly considered to be a male oriented role and many women hesitate to take up this role, considering it to be a hectic job, moving from place to place selling products.

But how about a direct sales associate job profile exclusively meant for women? in association with Seeba Lifestyles Pvt ltd has come up with this wonderful work-from-home opportunity for women to work as Direct Sales Associate for the reputed pressure cooker brand Royal Prestige®. Seeba Lifestyles Pvt Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor of Royal Prestige® cookware in India. Royal Prestige Pressure Cookers have been in use in India kitchens since a very long time and Indian housewives are well acquainted with the use of the product. Now is the time to sell the branded pressure cookers through Direct Sale. With Royal Prestige® cookware, the company aims to transform the way a woman cooks and thinks about her family’s health.

The company firmly believes that products need to be sold only through an exclusive personal demonstration to the customer. That is why the company is looking for women sales associates who can add a personal touch to the customers while giving engaging and informative cooking demonstrations using Royal Prestige cookware.

DIrect Sales Associate Work from Home

What to do?

You need to sell Royal Prestige cookware products to potential customers through your network of friends, family, relatives, mommies, kitty groups, neighbours etc. The role gives you the responsibility of not only selling Prestige cookware but also in educating potential customers about the superior quality of the product and health benefits associated with it. You also need to demonstrate how you can cook healthy and nutritious meals using Royal Prestige cooker. At the same time, you also need to highlight the negative impact of using conventional cookware on health. Don’t you think, the profile is interesting and not like the regular sales jobs?

Skills requirement

Any woman who has some time for herself and wants to do something to earn money, this profile is just apt for her. You need not be highly educated to sell a product. But, yes, you will enjoy a lot in the job profile if you have some additional skills like as

  1. Having good communication skills
  2. Being proactive
  3. Being able to describe the product to the customer to persuade him or her to buy the product
  4. Having knowledge to use and demonstrate Royal Prestige cookware
  5. Having good sales skills

If you are ready to bring about a change in your mundane lifestyle, if you want to earn and be independent along with building up a successful career in sales and marketing, then this is the right time to grab this opportunity. The best part is that there is no investment involved, there is no prior experience required.

By being a Direct Sales Associate with Royal Prestige®, you can open up the doors of becoming a successful businesswoman with big earnings and incentives. The more you sale, the more you earn with attractive commission. Plus, you work according to your convenience as you can work in flexible timings. Last, but not the least, all trainings and guidance will be provided to achieve your potential.

For more details, check the job details on DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATE – ROYAL PRESTIGE. You can also check the official fan page in FaceBook @ThinKitchen by Seeba Lifestyles

How to Restart Your Second Career

Career break is very common in today’s professional lives. There are many reasons when a professional woman takes a break: maybe for marriage or pregnancy and motherhood, maybe for a better career jump or to take up higher studies or for family obligations and so on. Whatever maybe the reasons, it becomes difficult to restart a career all over again, unless and until it is a maternity break and you join back your previous office. But what about those women who take a break for a longer period of time, getting out of touch with work, work hours and office environment? While many women prefer to have a second career, they are in dilemma as to how to go about it. And this time they want ‘convenient’ working hours, better work-life balance, better career options and support systems.

restart career with gharsenaukri

The following article will give you some tips on how to start your second career.

DECIDE: The first essential tip is to DECIDE whether you really want to restart your career or not. This is not something that you have to be forced upon. This is something that should come from within. Your inner-self should bring you the urge to work again. You should be mentally and physically prepared to start all over again.

WHAT TO DO NEXT: The next big question is what to do? Are you willing to continue with the same work profile or you want some change? Do you want work as a regular employee from 9 to 6 or you want to work-from-home? Do you want part-time jobs, flexi jobs or permanent jobs? You have to decide on these factors before starting on your second career.

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REVIEW & RESEARCH: Check out the trends in the job market. Research thoroughly. Since you are on a career break, there are many changes that have taken place in the job market. Know your skills and see what opportunities are available. There will be always a still competition for career re-starters.

UPGRADE YOUR PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: This is very essential. Identify your skill gap. The more you upgrade your skill, the better it is for you to restart your career. This can be an additional qualification or learning a new software skill or digital marketing or up-gradation of your previous skill.

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UPDATE YOUR RESUME: Once you have up-graded your skill and you are 100% sure of working once again, update your resume now. Add your new skills. If possible, get your resume rewritten by a professional resume writer. Create your job profile and upload the new resume in various job portals. Now search for job opportunities to suit your qualifications, experience and skills.

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NETWORKING: Get in touch with your ex-colleagues and ask them to help you out. Networking is very essential in today’s age. It is always better to connect and reconnect.

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE INTERVIEW: Now that you have started applying for jobs, you can expect interview calls. Be prepared for the interview. Be confident while facing the interview board. Make sure you can very well speak about the new learnings and skills taken during your break.



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How Work from home for Females can make a good income

It is not necessary that to travel kilometers everyday to a workplace to get paychecks credited to your bank account! There are many options for females to work from home as well.  Here are the top five ideas where you do not have to work full time and you can still make good money.

  1. Online Teacher: An average online teacher makes approximately $30000-$40000 and some also make more than this. You do not have to stand in front of a classroom and teach for hours. You can go live on Skype and teach the students who opt for online coaching.



  1. Blogger: Owning a blog is amazing. You can start by writing about, hobbies, food, your passion, lifestyle, fashion or anything that you love. As the number of visitors increases on your page you can have google ads affiliation and start making money instantly. Bloggers who are consistent make $50000 a month as well.



  1. Finance Planner: Incase, you are good with finance, this is the right thing for you. A good finance planner can not only advise clients but also plan for her family finance, How much to save? What are the best yielding investment options? When to invest? If you believe that every penny earned is a penny saved, this is the right thing for you.


  1. Customer Sales Representative: If you are good at English and you can handle phone calls with patience. Then, Customer sales representative is the right Part time work for females, because you can take calls at designated hours when you are free. A customer sales representative makes approximately $9-$13 every hour. All you will need is a basic computer skill and an internet connection.

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