Tumhari Sulu: A Movie Which Many Indian Housewives Relate To

With the recent release of the movie “Tumhari Sulu” by writer-director Suresh Triveni, starring Vidya Balan, the good news is that after a very long time, Bollywood has come up with a movie that gives a positive interpretation of the role of housewives in Indian societies.

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Who is Sulu?

The movie revolves around Sulochona or Sulu, a typical Indian housewife, played very convincingly by Vidya Balan. She is a housewife leading a normal family life with her husband and a son. She belongs to a family where her sisters are educated and are bankers, while she herself is a class 12 pass out. She is contented as a housewife but at the same time she wants more and works towards achieving this.

A homemaker with lots of dreams in her eyes…

Tumahi Sulu is a story of a homemaker. Sulu has lots of dreams and aspirations in life. She has many entrepreneurial ideas with her. She manages her household chores efficiently. She stays positive. She is a go-getter. So whenever she gets an opportunity to participate somewhere there is a prize involved, she wholeheartedly participates in it, be it a singing competition or a lemon race or anything else. She gets a sense of satisfaction when she gets a pressure cooker or a TV as the prize. There is something positivity in her role as a housewife.

If given a chance, she wants to work even if she is not educated…

So when she got the offer of a RJ for a late night-show where she needs to respond to her late night listeners’ requests and problems in a very sexy voice, she very willingly accepts the offer. She is not a trained RJ but she did not hesitate to do the job because she has that urge to do something. And yes, she is lucky to have a very supportive boss, played by Neha Dhupia.

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A point comes when managing home and work becomes a problem for her…

But as ill-luck would have it, like many working women in the country, she also has to go through the problems of maintaining both home and job. She also gets blamed for neglecting her family. Her family members criticise her. A point comes to her life when she makes up her mind to resign from her RJ job…

But she does not give up…

Her “never to die” approach in life, her entrepreneurial dreams come to her rescue and she sets up her husband’s food delivery business in the RJ office itself.  And she herself continues with her job as an RJ.

Isn’t this something which many Indian women relate to?

Yes, after a long time, there is a movie which is an ode to Indian homemakers. There are many housewives who remain happy with their mundane lifestyles but there are many who are just like Sulu. Sulu is not a timid or a shy housewife. She is different…she is jovial, enterprising, enthusiasts, spirited, positive, and competitive. She wants to do something in life for herself and for her family. She is the modern Indian housewife, who remains happy as a housewife but when the need arises to work outside for herself or for her family, she can work outside too, maintaining both home and work.



What Should be the Salary of a Homemaker?

When Manushi Chillar was asked her final question in Miss World 2017 pageant on “which should be the highest paid profession in the world?, ” she very confidently replied that a “Mother should deserve the most highest salary in the world, in terms of love, respect and happiness”.

Yes indeed, a mother’s job is the most thankless job in the world. She works for long hours, she does not get a leave from her job, her mind, hands and feet are always on the run for her family but at the end of the day, she gets NOTHING, not even a THANKYOU from whom she has been working. Yes, it’s a fact… the household chores done by women are not considered as works and they are not paid as well.

In a study undertaken by The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it was reported that the average Indian women spent nearly 6 hours in a day doing works that are unpaid. But, when we come to consider the household tasks from economical point of view, economists are of opinion that the homemakers’ household tasks are part of economic activities and should be included in the national income. By not giving salary to home makers, the women’s contribution to the economy has been neglected.

What are her tasks?

In her everyday life, her tasks more or less include the following:

  • Taking care of the kids: For nearly 12-14 hours a day a mother has to take care of her kids.
  • Cooking: Her cooking is not subjected to just one dish. She prepares dishes taking into account the tastes and preferences of each one in the family.
  • Housekeeping: She has to supervise the household tasks done by maids and servants in the house like dusting, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, laundering etc. Incase, if they are on leave, she has to handle all these tasks on her own.
  • Nursing for Elderly: Attending to in-laws or elder members in the family is part and parcel of a homemaker’s duty.
  • Tutoring: A mother also has to teach her kids, help them in their homework and projects.
  • Budgeting and Accounting: No matter how much the man earns, the ultimate finance planning can be done better only by the woman of the house. She has to keep a record of the expenses, purchases and including allocating funds to others.
  • Driving: Pick and drop the kids from school, tuitions, getting household stuff from market and so on.

Isn’t she a multi tasker? The big question: What should be the salary of a home maker?

In 2012, the then Women and Child Development minister Krishna Tirath had suggested that the household labour, which is usually invisible, done by homemakers should be measured, quantified and the equivalent amount should be paid to them by their husbands.

According to a news report published in the Economic Times and the Times of India, the value of a mother’s work in a month in monetary terms is given below:

Housewive Salary GharSeNaukri

Not only the home makers, even the working women have to perform the same tasks once they come back home after a grueling day at work. Indira Nooyi, President of Pepsico, once said in an interview, that when she came back home after becoming the president of PepsiCo, her mother said, “…when you enter this house, you’re the wife, you’re the daughter, you’re the daughter-in-law, you’re the mother. You’re all of that. Nobody else can take that place. So leave that damned crown in the garage. And don’t bring it into the house”…

So, there is still a long way to go when mothers will get their salaries for the works they do. In the meantime, it’s time for women to empower themselves on their own and be financially independent. Get registered at GharSeNaukri.com and apply for work- from-home jobs, to work and earn at the comforts of your home.

What To Do When You Are On A Career Break?

Top 9 Exciting Things To Do

You are in that professional phase of your life when you feel that your job is dragging you, your job has become monotonous for you, and no longer exciting as earlier. What to do next? Either you change your job or you take a career break. Although taking a career break is not a very easy decision, yet for those who have already made up their mind, there are many ways by which you can make the best use of this break and make it more fruitful and enjoyable.

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Top 9 Exciting Things to do When You are on a Career Break

  1. Do not regret: First of all, you should never regret your decision. Not many people can think of a career break. So you must consider yourself lucky to be able to make this decision, taking in mind your finances, family relationships and of course your inner self. But, always remember to be able to use the time in an appropriate manner, instead of letting it pass by just like any other day.
  2. Rekindle your interest, passion and hobby: Do you have any childhood passion? It can be anything: sports, music, acting, singing, dancing, teaching, cooking, crocheting, painting, tailoring and many more. This is the time, you can go back to your hobbies and infact you can also attend classes related to your interest. It is said that when you fulfil your passion or hobby, it makes you a complete person. This also helps you in your job when you join back because it shows your inherent desire to try, learn and relearn something that you are passionate about.
  3. Travel around the globe: There is nothing like getting a good chance to travel around the world. Imagine, you don’t have to apply for leave, you can travel whenever you want to as per your convenience without thinking about work, and you can even travel during off-season time. Make use of this break to travel to some of the exciting places that you have in your mind. Explore new places, new food, new culture, language and many more exciting things.
  4. Be adventurous: Try out new things that you had never tried in your life so far. May be you can try adventurous sports like bungee jumping or paragliding, or maybe you can try trekking or rafting. The idea is to challenge something that you are not comfortable with it. Otherwise, you might end up spending your career break period doing nothing and just lazing around.
  5. Upgrade your skills: The career break time period is the best time to review at your current skills, career aspirations, and new developments in the job market. You can undergo training to learn a new programming language or to design a new software or take up a new course of study. But, whenever you take up a new training program or course, make sure you get the training from a reliable source, who gives you certification of the same at the end of the program. There are many online training programs  offered by GharSeNaukri.com that you can avail yourself to learn at the comforts of your home.
  6. Work from home: There are many who take a career break, just for taking care of the kids or due to some family obligations. Under such circumstances, you may consider options to work from home. There are companies and specialised job portals like as www.gharsenaukri.com showcasing freelancing job opportunities, flexible jobs, part-time options, and project-based work. Register on the site to find the best possible fit with your requirements.
  7. Relax: While you have ample time for yourself during the career break, do not over exert yourself by indulging in lot many activities that interest you. Relax. Medicate. Do yoga. Exercise. Get yourself some ”ME” time just to relax yourself.
  8. Volunteer: Explore volunteering works. This will give you a chance to go out of your home for fixed hours and this can also help you to back into the work routine when you join back. Skill based volunteering works in NGOs helps you to keep yourself productive, sharpen your skills and also help you to contribute to a worthy cause.
  9. Consider entrepreneurship: Last but not the least, one best option for someone taking a career break to make it more worthwhile is to opt for entrepreneurship. Why not launch your own venture? This is not a very easy option but it is always better to take risk in life. You never know when such a risk taking decision gives you the best results. If you are good at any skill, convert it into a business idea. WomenInBusiness.in is a unique portal designed for women entrepreneurs of the country. Register on the site, display your product and wait for genuine queries. This online platform explores the world of opportunities for women having any.


How to Maintain a Perfect Work Life Balance When You Work from Home?

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A woman taking up work-from-home job is slowly setting its trend in Indian job market in recent years. When you work from home, there are many benefits: you give time to your family, you don’t have to commute, you work according to your convenience and you earn money. One of the most important reasons for which most Indian women leave their jobs is when they find it difficult to maintain work-life balance. So, many women opt for part-time or work-from-home jobs as it gives them the chance to find work-life balance. Maintaining a work-life balance is very essential in today’s age of stress, hypertension and competition. When you take a flexible job and work remotely but at the same time stress yourself by working round the clock with no time for yourself and family, then what is the point in taking up a work-from-home job? No matter how much you love your job, you always need time to relax and rejuvenate and find work-life balance.

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Tips to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance

  1. Know your strengths: When you have decided to work from home, always take up a project or job that you know you are sure of doing it and completing it on time. Focus on your strengths first. Take one or two projects at a time as per your capability and not many projects at one go. Just because you are working from home does not mean that you can be a multi-tasker and you are always and easily available.
  2. Time prioritization: Prioritize your time as per your tasks. If you have a to-do list with a number of tasks on it (both official and personal), you need to prioritize those tasks: (a) Urgent and important (b) Important but not urgent (c) Urgent but not important (d) Neither urgent nor important. Prioritizing time helps you to do your tasks efficiently without making it too stressful.
  3. Give yourself a personal time: Most women who work from home usually prefer to work during the time when the kids are in school. Once the kids come back home, you are again on your toes. So when it comes for your own personal time and space, you tend to ignore it and get yourself buried in your office and household work. But, this is bad. Give a personal time for yourself. You can use this time to read, listen to music, to watch TV, to do exercise, to sleep. You need your “me” time just to do anything you like.
  4. Schedule your work hours: Just because you work from home does not mean that you can work at any time. You need to have set work hours and you need to stick to that. Otherwise, there is every chance that you will be working until midnight every night because you did not get time to complete your office tasks and got busy with your normal household tasks.
  5. Manage your time for a long term as well: Maintain a diary for important dates and events like as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, kids school events, social commitments, including holidays. Remember that you are unavailable for work on those days, even if you have taken up a work-from-home job.
  6. Step out of your home: When you work from home, at times you can get lonely when everyone in the house leave for their respective works and you are alone working for yourself. So step out of your home, maybe for a small household errand. Or schedule some time to meet your old friends or old colleagues. It is always better to stay connected.
  7. Manage your mind and relax yourself: This is very essential. When you are in fear or anxiety or in self-doubt, try to strengthen your mental health through meditation or reading. Otherwise, spend time with someone who will enlighten you, support you and make you feel better.
  8. Take a break: Remember to take time out when you work from home. Take a coffee break or snack time break, the stuff that you normally do when you are working in an office. Give yourself a lunch break. If needed, take a short and sweet afternoon nap and then start working again with a fresh mind.
  9. Have that holiday: Whether with family or friends, make time for a holiday. Use those summer vacations or winter vacations of kids for a holiday outside. Make sure that you spent some quality time with them. Even a long weekend break somewhere nearby is better than nothing. Short holidays will definitely rejuvenate your body and mind.  This is very essential for a work-life balance.
  10. Maintain your health: Last but not the least, maintaining your health and a healthy lifestyle is very essential in today’s age. Eat healthy, do exercises, sleep on time and get proper sleep. If you follow a healthy way of living, you can implement the same for your family too.

Thus, when you work-from-home, make sure you follow the tips given above to maintain a perfect work-life balance.

For exciting work-from-home opportunities, register on GharSeNaukri.com or send your resumes at hr@gharsenaukri.com.


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10 Success Tips for a Work from Home Mom

gharsenaukri blog

Work from home is one of the latest trends in today’s age. Infact, in the USA, there are millions of Americans working from home, with occasional visits to their head offices and making their homes their primary offices. In India, the work-from-home concept is still at a nascent stage and is more popular for women than men. Work life balance is the new mantra for modern women today. There is a myth that work-from-home women professionals are not as successful as their colleagues working on-site. Working from home and maintaining a perfect balance between professional and personal lives can be a very successful one for women provided they know what to do, when and how.

Given below are few tips for a successful career for a work-from-home mom:
1. Set a time schedule: The first basic rule is to set a time schedule for work and following this schedule regularly. This helps you to get into the work mode in a systematic manner and allows you to stay on work throughout the day. Flexibility is one prime reason for which women prefer to work from home nowadays. But even then, it is better to make a routine and stick to it, though it should not be a binding one and make way for flexible arrangement as and when required.

2. Create an office space: Before starting your work from home, make sure that you have a personal space for yourself. Maybe the corner of your bedroom (if you have a little baby) or a study room or the backyard of your home or may be a store room. But, whichever space you choose, make sure that you can convert it into a small workspace. Remember, you don’t need many things: you just need a flat work surface, a chair, a laptop, your phone and a storage cabinet. Creating a personalized space for office work keeps your home organized, gives you the feeling of “working” in an office environment and helps keep you focused in your work. Separate work space from family space.

3. Dress up for work: Since you work from home, you feel that you are free to work in your night suit and pajamas, as there is no dress code. But this should not be the case. It is important that you start your work with fresh mind and a keep a positive mental outlook. It is better to look good and feel good while working. So dress up well for your work.

4. Proper infrastructure: Two basic things that are essential requirements to be successful while working from home are to have a reliable phone and a fast Internet connection. The reason being these are your connections to your employer for whom you are working. You must be available for your employer as and when required. Hence, your phone must always be fully charged and your Internet must be fast enough for speedy downloading of important documents and mails.

5. Stay in touch with your boss and co-workers: Communication is vey essential for a successful work-from-home career. You are given your task list for the month or the week and you always deliver your work on time while working from home. But, do not forget the old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind”. It is important to stay in touch with your boss and co-workers. Communication with your employer, be it for work or for personal greetings in special occasions, is very essential to be successful when you are a remote worker. It is important to stay connected.

6. Avoid distractions: There is a myth that it is easy to work from home. The real truth is that it is not so easy to work from home as when you are at home, you have hundreds of other thoughts and household works in your mind which can distract you from your actual work. The thumb rule here is that just as you schedule your office work time, schedule your time for other household works too. Try completing part of your household chores in the morning before you start your office work. Take a break for lunch, do some small household task, take rest for some time and then resume your work. Once your office work gets over in the evening, complete your other tasks. This way, you can avoid distractions and keep your mind under control. Fix time for different activities.

7. Show professionalism: You should not give up your professional attitude when you work from home. Be professional in your work as well as in your appearance and behavior. If you need to attend a video conferencing, make sure that you have a clean space dedicated for it, away from home clutter. Deliver your work on time to maintain professionalism.

8. Expand your circle: When you work from home, you usually tend to isolate yourself. You get busy with your work and home. But, do not forget to build your network and maintain relationships. Get in touch with people who are in the same type of jobs as yours, not only from the organization in which you are working but also from other organizations. Maintaining your network is very essential to be successful when you work from home.

9. Manage your mobile phone: While you will need your mobile phone for managing your office work, make sure it does not distract you. So no Facebook or WhatsApp during office work. Infact, it is better to turn off any notifications that might distract your attention while you are working. You can check these messages once you are done with your work.

10. To-Do list: Last but not the least, it is always better to keep a To-Do List. Maintain a diary for your personal and household works and an excel sheet for your office work. Don’t miss out on anything important. Mark them in your calendar. Create your own deadlines. There might be circumstances when your kids will become a priority against your work. Nothing wrong in that. Be flexible.

If you are really interested in getting work from home options, get in touch with us at hr@gharsenaukri.com or register at gharsenaukri.com.


Meet Swati Kaushal: Bestselling Indian Author Who Left Her Job to Follow Her Dreams

Can anyone ever imagine that someone would leave his /her prestigious, secured job in a reputed organization to do something he/she is passionate about? Well, we are talking about Ms. Swati Kaushal, India’s one of the leading best-selling authors. She left her corporate job just to follow her passion.

Swati Kaushal was born and brought up in New Delhi. She was a graduate from LSR and a post graduate from the prestigious institution IIM Calcutta, Soon after her post-graduation, she joined the corporate world of Nestle and worked there for 6 years. Next for 1 year, she was with Nokia India. With a well-paying corporate job that would have made her future secure, who would have ever thought that she would give up her job just to follow her dreams and passion. Sounds strange, isn’it?  But that’s exactly what she did. During her 7 years of working, she realized that she was just following a monotonous life and it was not something that she really liked doing it. And then she left her brand management job at Nokia to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer.

Swati Kaushal Inspirations GharSeNaukri

Though she was not happy with the job that she was doing at Nestle and Nokia, yet, one positive thing that she could take from her work was to write and write, even if it meant writing punch lines and taglines for various products. Though, initially she was slightly reluctant to leave her job and her friends found the idea of leaving her job not a great idea, yet eventually she made up her mind and decided to take the plunge.

Once she left her job, she felt light within herself and she was free of all bonds. She started writing. Her first novel was a chick-lit novel titled “Piece of Cake” and it was first published in 2004. The book was well-received by the young and old and soon got translated into three languages. Six editions of the book have been published so far.

Her next book was “A Girl Like Me” published in 2008, another best-selling book where she wrote about her awkward teenage years. In 2012, she wrote her third book “Drop Dead”, a real-life story about Senior Detective Niki Marwah of the Himachal Police.

Swati Kaushal is now settled in the US with her husband and 2 kids and is working on “Sweet Cyanide” the sequel of Drop Dead.

For her, money and job security were not so much of importance than what she was passionate about. In her own words, “it is the process that I enjoy and achieving success is just the icing on the cake.” She also says, “I find inspiration wherever I look for it.”

She herself is a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, “author of Eat, Pray, Love” and whose words still inspire her. She said, “Everyone has a talent. And they know what that is. And any talent you don’t use can become a burden for you and make you miserable. So use your talent!!!”

Isn’it this inspiring? We should never give up our dreams, hopes and aspirations. Follow your passion to do the best in your life.