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Today is an age where technology has changed the way we work. Digital marketing, social media, online marketing have taken the front seats in businesses. Consumers are now more aware and research on products online before making the final purchase. Digitalization has helped consumers to self-educate themselves. A smart phone makes our life all the more easier as everything has become virtual today. Today, to be digitally advanced has become a necessity. Also, there are tremendous job opportunities in the digital world. Every business or an organization looks for a perfect digital marketing strategy that builds brand awareness, generates cost savings, and ultimately drives revenue. This is why skilled digital professionals are highly demanded.

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So ladies, always dream to achieve big in life

Mrs. D Jyothi Reddy:  From an Agricultural Labourer to a CEO in USA

Meet Mrs. D Jyothi Reddy from Warangal in Hyderabad. She is a story of achieving the impossible, a story of inspiration for many of us.

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Jyothi was born to a very poor family in Warangal and due to poor financial conditions, she was sent into a welfare orphanage where she grew up as a motherless child, inspite of having a family.

Since childhood, she developed a strong determination to make her future bright. And thus she worked hard towards creating a better life for her. She attended a government school while at the orphanage. She also worked with a family as a household maid and in between her works, she took a vocational course. At a tender age of 16, she got married to her cousin and soon became a mother of 2 children. To run her family, she worked as an agricultural labourer for a daily wage of Rs. 5. Later, she became a Volunteer of Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), a government scheme to empower the youth and she started teaching the village children. She continued her studies while doing various kinds of odd jobs such as stitching, tailoring, selling sarees to meet the family’s expenses. Soon, she completed her graduation as well as her post graduation. After completion of her post graduation, she got a special teacher job for a salary of Rs. 398 per month. A chance encounter with one of her relatives in the US made her think about going to the United States, the land of dreams for many. She went to US by leaving her two daughters in a missionary hostel. But before that she also did a computer course to get a job in the States. She did many odd jobs there too like as a baby sitter, loading and unloading goods, working in a gas station and so on. She then joined a company called CS America but she continued with her odd jobs for survival. Soon she started developing this killer instinct to start her own business.

She visited Mexico once for stamping. Here she realized that she could start her own company as she had ideas with the paperwork involved with the Visa Processing. By this time, she had some savings of $40000. In 2001 October, she opened an office in Phoenix. Today, she is known as the CEO of Keys software solutions in USA, creating revenues in the millions. She is also involved with many philanthropic endeavours, serving rural India. Her two daughters moved to the States and completed their education in the schools there.

Her story of rags to riches is indeed a story of inspiration. Her story is a perfect example of “You are the creator of your own destiny”

So ladies, always dream to achieve big in life. If you have the will and passion to do something in life then nobody can stop you. was launched with the sole intention to empower women. Register with us today. Looking for suitable work-from-home jobs or part-time jobs here. Work and earn money and do something meaningful in life.