How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Working from Home?

So you have made this decision to start working from home? You left your full-time job with the intention of maintaining a perfect work life balance and have decided to opt for a wonderful part-time job that you can do from home. It has been a trend coming up slowly in Indian job market for women to work from home as freelancers or in flexible jobs. However, it is not so easy as it sounds to be to work from home. After all, you have to manage both work and home, and in many cases, one most important thing gets neglected, and that is your “health”.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you work from home is very essential.

There are many ways a woman affects her health when she works from home. First of all, you tend to work on your bed, sofa, or in any position that you feel is the most comfortable position for you while working, but, it may not be an ergonomically sound position and good for your body.
Secondly, you have lots of food options available for you just in the kitchen and the fridge nearby. And most of the time you binge on that unhealthy snack. Thirdly, there is no interaction with anyone…you sit and work continuously with the intention of completing your work on time. All these can sabotage your health in the long run.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home

Let’s find out below how you can maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while working from home:

  • Create an exclusive office space: Designate a room or any corner of a room or your attic or your backyard solely for office work. Don’t let your bed or your couch be your office chair. Get yourself a proper office chair and desk with all desk materials and stationery so that you create a proper office environment.
  • Create a soothing office environment: As you have complete authority on your work space at home, create a look that pleases you, create an atmosphere that soothes you, create an ambiance that allows you to work stress free and stay calm. This can be anything, maybe changing the color of the walls, making a seating arrangement in front of the window, using scented candles and so on. It’s your choice but try to make your work area soothing and comfortable.
  • Invest in a good, comfortable chair: Make sure, the office chair is ergonomically designed and you are comfortable while sitting on it and working for long hours. An ergonomically designed chair helps you to maintain a posture that will prevent you from having back pain.
  • Take small breaks in between: If your work-from-home job is a sitting job in front of the laptop, get up after every half-an-hour or one hour and take a 5-10 minutes break. Go out, walk few minutes on the corridor, stretch your body. Get some sunshine. Set a timer for this on your mobile so that you get the message tone of taking a break while working.
  • Binge on healthy snacks: It is obvious while working you feel like munching something. Go for healthy food. Keep seasonal fruits with you. Eat dry fruits like almonds, walnuts. During summers, drink lots of fruit juices. Avoid drinking too much of coffee during the day. Keep junk food out of sight.
  • Drink lots of water: This is very essential. Don’t forget to drink your 8 glasses of water. This will keep your body hydrated.
  • Set a time schedule for your office work and stick to it: While working from home, many of us have the tendency of working at odd hours. But, it is advisable to schedule a time slot for office work and stick to it regularly. Make sure, you get your work done during that limited work hours and don’t try to do any other work during that time, unless and until it is very urgent. Avoid working on weekends and avoid working long hours.
  • Schedule workouts/exercise time: Now, this is very essential for every one of us. Start your day healthily. Go out for morning walks, do yoga, do exercises, cycling, jogging in the early morning or late evening. Exercises should be part of your daily schedule. Oh yes, there are few exercises which you can do while on the chair if you are conscious of your bulging waistline.
  • Sleep on time and have a proper sleep: Sleep is vital to your physical and mental health. You should be on your bed on time at night and try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to function your best the next morning.

Now, that you have decided to become a work-from-home mom, you being the mom and the caretaker of your family, your health is of prime importance and you should take proper care of it.