Meet Swati Kaushal: Bestselling Indian Author Who Left Her Job to Follow Her Dreams

Can anyone ever imagine that someone would leave his /her prestigious, secured job in a reputed organization to do something he/she is passionate about? Well, we are talking about Ms. Swati Kaushal, India’s one of the leading best-selling authors. She left her corporate job just to follow her passion.

Swati Kaushal was born and brought up in New Delhi. She was a graduate from LSR and a post graduate from the prestigious institution IIM Calcutta, Soon after her post-graduation, she joined the corporate world of Nestle and worked there for 6 years. Next for 1 year, she was with Nokia India. With a well-paying corporate job that would have made her future secure, who would have ever thought that she would give up her job just to follow her dreams and passion. Sounds strange, isn’it?  But that’s exactly what she did. During her 7 years of working, she realized that she was just following a monotonous life and it was not something that she really liked doing it. And then she left her brand management job at Nokia to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer.

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Though she was not happy with the job that she was doing at Nestle and Nokia, yet, one positive thing that she could take from her work was to write and write, even if it meant writing punch lines and taglines for various products. Though, initially she was slightly reluctant to leave her job and her friends found the idea of leaving her job not a great idea, yet eventually she made up her mind and decided to take the plunge.

Once she left her job, she felt light within herself and she was free of all bonds. She started writing. Her first novel was a chick-lit novel titled “Piece of Cake” and it was first published in 2004. The book was well-received by the young and old and soon got translated into three languages. Six editions of the book have been published so far.

Her next book was “A Girl Like Me” published in 2008, another best-selling book where she wrote about her awkward teenage years. In 2012, she wrote her third book “Drop Dead”, a real-life story about Senior Detective Niki Marwah of the Himachal Police.

Swati Kaushal is now settled in the US with her husband and 2 kids and is working on “Sweet Cyanide” the sequel of Drop Dead.

For her, money and job security were not so much of importance than what she was passionate about. In her own words, “it is the process that I enjoy and achieving success is just the icing on the cake.” She also says, “I find inspiration wherever I look for it.”

She herself is a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, “author of Eat, Pray, Love” and whose words still inspire her. She said, “Everyone has a talent. And they know what that is. And any talent you don’t use can become a burden for you and make you miserable. So use your talent!!!”

Isn’it this inspiring? We should never give up our dreams, hopes and aspirations. Follow your passion to do the best in your life.