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Steps in Recruitment Process to Screen out the Best Talent

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The recruitment process is a time-consuming process. For any professional recruitment agency to hire the best candidates, adequate time has to be invested into the recruitment drive, and this needs to be done in a planned strategic manner. There are many factors to take in to consideration for an effective recruitment process. The objective is to get the best candidates who work towards fulfilling the goals of the company. Employment agencies globally are hiring the perfect candidates in a very organized manner, considering various aspects of the need for recruiting and the final outcome.

Factors to consider at the initial phase of recruiting

  • Know what you are looking for: What is the need for your recruiting? Is it for a start-up or is it for expansion?  Recruitment agencies in India should know why the job vacancy has been created before proceeding on the selection drive.
  • Plan: A professional agency opts for a proper planning in the recruitment process. A plan helps to streamline an efficient and high-quality recruitment process.
  • Job description: Now that you have understood the need for recruiting, prepare a job description that suits the role perfectly. HR departments can attract the best candidate for a required position by preparing the job description that is perfectly apt for the vacancy. A perfect job description is one that includes roles and responsibilities, challenges, experience, skills, qualifications, including desirable and essential requirements that compel only the right candidates to apply for the job.

Recruitment process to screen out the best talent that you want to have

Follow a step-by-step recruitment process to be on the correct path to attracting the best talent for your organization.


This is very important as selecting the wrong candidate spoils the entire recruitment drive. A professional agency  should plan searching and sourcing candidates in an appropriate manner. A complex search has to be carried out for the required industry domain, and then churn out the best candidates from all the job applicants.


Now, how do you screen the best candidates? This does not solely depend on the job applications. There are many factors to consider:

  • An effective resume that highlights the candidate’s skills and qualifications and these should match with the job role
  • An effective cover letter highlighting the candidate’s profile in brief, and which is specific to the job role.
  • Screening candidates from other sources like as online job portals, LinkedIn, specialized job boards.
  • Referrals and contacts can also be considered for screening of candidates.

Telephonic Interview and Skill Test

Once you have screened the first batch of candidates, carry out a telephonic interview and/or give them a skill/aptitude test designed for the particular role. This process helps to get an idea of sorting out the best skilled candidates out of the entire chosen lot.

Shortlisting the candidates for the personal interview round

This is the next stage of recruitment drive. Here, only those candidates are shortlisted who have outshone the others in the skill test. Keep at least 5-10 candidates in-hand. The recruiters should be thoroughly prepared for the interview round just like the candidates. Prepare the questions much before so that you know exactly what to ask and what you want from the candidates to suit the job role.

Final selection

Personality of the candidate is equally important for the final selection. It’s not only the job role that counts but also how the candidate accommodates to the work culture of the company.  You may find a candidate which is apt for the job but you won’t prefer an arrogant, rude, over-smart or a boring candidate. Thus, in the final selection of the candidate, employers  should look into the overall personality of the candidate, which include his overall look and appearance, his communication skills, and his attitude and behavior.

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