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Stay Home to spend time with your Kids and also Keep the Professional in you Alive

Women Empowerment

So you have decided to quit a job and stay at home because you need to be with your growing kids. That is great and probably the best thing for your kids and for your family. However, these are modern times we are living in, and being at home certainly does not mean being off the jobs radar too. There are many jobs you can do from home and keep the professional in you alive as well as make a decent earning. “GharSeNaukri” is one job portal that helps women get amazing jobs that allow them to work from their home and earn a good amount every month as a freelancer.

“GharSeNaukri” especially for Women

The idea and thought process behind “GharSeNaukri” is very noble. It is a job portal strictly for women and that too for those women who cannot do a regular office job because of social or domestic pressures. Even today in our country. there are many families and even communities that frown upon a woman going out to work. So even if a woman is well educated or skilled, she has to stay at home and sacrifice her ambition to do a job and have her own earnings and a flourishing career. All the women empowerment speeches by politicians and five star activists are mostly about elite women or about working ladies and their rights. Nobody ever does anything about the vast majority of Indian women who are at home.

It’s all about Women Empowerment

GharSeNaukri” has chosen to help out the most neglected segment of society – The women at home. This is the target group that needs women empowerment the most. There are hundreds and thousands of educated, talented and skilled women who can contribute to their home’s financial stability and gradually lead to a richer and stronger society. Therefore the job portal has decided to make women empowerment its social mission and the best way to do so is by providing these women a chance to work from their homes. There are jobs for all women irrespective of their levels of education as long as they have the capability or skill to do a job. Only the nature of job can be diverse for different women, not the opportunity.

Be a Successful Freelancer

If you are a professional lady then you can use your job experience and educational credentials for landing some of the best and well-paying freelance jobs with “GharSeNaukri”. You can apply for a number of freelance jobs like backend process of a BPO, a sales-coordinator, business development executive, Tele-Marketer, content writer, HR coordinator etc. These are just the tip of the iceberg as far as categories of jobs are concerned. Each day new brands are joining with the portal to offer freelance jobs for women candidates. All you need to do is uplink your CV detailing your professional experience and soon you will have hoard of eager employers mailing you their offers. Employer job Ads also feature on the portal and you can choose job of your liking from there.

Keep your Professional Career Alive

Spending time with kids is a wonderful thing to do however with “GharSeNaukri” you have an amazing opportunity to make your professional career and home responsibilities exist side by side in a perfect harmony. Your kids will be able to spend time with you and get your complete attention and guidance and at the same time, you can attend to the job in your free time. Only request is to continue to be as professional with your work as you were in your regular job. Not only this will keep the professional in you alive, you can also have a very successful career from your freelance career if you are committed to it and are passionate about it. All the Best!
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