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How to Start Freelancing Without Knowing Foreign Languages?

Language is our primary source of communication. No one can stir up a dispute over the importance of foreign languages in our lives anymore. People have realized that the knowledge of language gives new possibilities and opportunities, no matter whether the language is spoken by millions of people or only by a few thousand. For example, good knowledge of English, Spanish, or Italian can bring a promotion to a diligent worker, well-paid job for a student, and regular customers for a freelancer.

Start Freelancing Without Knowing Foreign Languages from Home
Start Freelancing Without Knowing Foreign Languages from Home

But what should you do if the only language you know is your native one? Is it enough for your specialization? How to learn new words faster? Can you do it by yourself? We’re going to answer these and many other questions in our brief article below.

Career and Language

Many people, who don’t know any other language, except the native one, claim that their jobs and daily lives don’t require studying anymore. They are quite satisfied with a current situation and life position. This happens of not realizing that the knowledge of new languages will not only bring new social perspectives but also a fast development of their careers. People who know several languages have the higher salary than the people who don’t. Very often the actual amount of their working hours is much lower. The only thing that differentiates them from others is that they realized the advantages of studying this language. Perhaps you, like the heroine of the novel “Eat, Pray, Love”, have always wanted to speak Italian. So why not starting to learn this mellifluent language with an Italian tutor, or any other language teacher for that matter, at home.
Language knowledge is equally important for freelance translators, copywriters, and programmers as well. First of all, you need to provide yourself with the guidelines and realize the exact way you want to move in. What language do you want to learn? Why do you need it? Is it your personal preference or a market demand? Answering all these questions is the most important stage in the learning process.

Where to Start

Of course, the absence of foreign languages can’t prevent you from starting a freelance career. You can always improve during real work process and through real projects. But let’s make a short plan where to start and how to develop.

  1. Define your niche. Make a clear decision what certain aspect of work you want to do on a daily basis. Be more strategic and accurate. Become an expert in a concrete field, rather than doing any paid work. Be a specialist, not a generalist.
  2. Don’t lose old contacts. Contact every single client you were working with before and inform him/her about your new decision. Or find new people, which can become your potential customers. Building a network of customers will make your future work much easier.
  3. Define strong and weak sides. Find out what are the weakest sides of your experience. Don’t forget to analyze your skills. 98% of people, who know more than one language find job twice faster thanthose people who know only one language. Find out the ways to bridge a gap of theoretical and practical skills. Look for a tutor, courses, or Skype lessons. The variety of offers is very diversified. Keep expanding your knowledge every day. And don’t forget about practice. As we all know, practice makes perfect.

Work from Home Jobs with Preply
Work from Home Jobs with Preply

4.Create a website or a blog. This will help you to demonstrate already existing skills and show your clients the steady development of your career. The website/blog should contain a portfolio of your previous works (if you don’t have those, create your own projects). Convince your potential customers that you are worth working with. Indicate the knowledge you are going to gain soon.

The last but not the least advice is not to be afraid to make the first step.

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