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Smartphone and Jobs: Use your Smartphone to Work from Home and Earn

work at home jobs on a smartphone
Career Advice

Digitalization and the Internet have changed the lives of many in today’s time. Maybe you don’t have access to a personal desktop or laptop at this time. Maybe you don’t have the funds to buy one. But, today, everyone has a smartphone. A smartphone has become an essential part of everyone’s life.

Some important statistics

  • Almost every third person worldwide owns a smartphone.
  • There are 14 million jobs directly related to the mobile industry. (Source: GSMA, The Mobile Economy 2019)
  • Smartphone statistics show there are 17 million other jobs that also benefit from this industry
  • At present, there are about 450-460 million smartphone users across India, which is expected to double by 2022.
  • Till August 2019, India had 1.67 million smartphone app economy jobs, showing 39% gain since May 2016

Be at home or outside, your phone is constantly by your side. With a strong Internet connection, your mobile phone can be an important source of income for you. Especially for moms and housewives who stay at home, there are many opportunities available to make money using your phone. Well, of course, such jobs won’t make you a crorepati but definitely will provide you some source of income while being at home. But how?

Read on to know the popular jobs that can be done from home using your smartphone

Sales-calling job

There are many organizations which prefer to hire part-time females for calling jobs. Calling jobs are excellent work-from-home jobs for our women at home who can spare some time out of their busy schedule. All they require is a smartphone and they should give calls to prospective clients/customers to describe a product or service and generate leads. The best part is that you will be provided with the phone numbers of the customers to whom you will call. Some organizations also provide training for the job. A very convenient job that you can do from home, even while lying on the bed or sitting idly. More the number of leads that you can generate from your phone calls, more is the money that you earn.

Home-Based Recruiter

Another lucrative work-from-home job that you can do using your smartphone is to be a home-based recruiter. There are many Human Resource companies and Recruiting agencies which look for females to join them as tele-recruiters. The company provides you the list of candidates’ names to whom you give a call about a job vacancy, describe a job, and for the interested candidates, you also need to schedule the interview dates for them. The more the number of candidates you can get for a job, the more is your chances of earning. For this job profile, you just need few hours of your day, and of course, your smartphone.

Travel consultant Jobs

Are you a person who has a good communication skill and who has great interests in travel and tourism? Your smartphone can be an effective way to help you become a travel consultant from home. Many travel and tourism companies look for women for part-time travel consultant jobs. Here, you have to give calls to prospective clients, book travel packages, advice on travel plans for individuals and businesses. The more the number of leads you can generate, the more is your earnings. Plus, such jobs come with lot of additional perks and incentives like as free travel packages, dinner coupons, and so on.

FaceBook commenting

This is the latest smartphone related job that can be done conveniently from home by women. Some organizations require people to comment on their posts on their official FB page to create a more online presence. The posts can be a normal text or a link of a website or a video post. Candidates need to give a comment for such posts, and for each comment, they are paid some amount of money. Gigindia.in is one such organization that offers such kind of jobs to females.

Sell online

Last but not the least, you can create your own Whastapp Groups / FaceBook marketplaces to sell your products online. Maybe, you have some excellent handmade stuff with you which you have made on your own or products that you have sourced from outside. Create a FB marketplace or a Whatsapp group and start selling these items. You can actually become a home-based entrepreneur by using your smartphone.

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