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Should You Quit Your Job? Signals to look out for

should you quit your job
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Everyone can not have a good day at work all the time. There are many situations in life when your work becomes very frustrating and you just want to leave your job. These frustrations can be short-lived, things become normal at your work-life after some point of time, and you continue with your regular work. But, at times, your frustrations reach to the extreme point that it takes a toll of your life. It is here, there is the need for you to quit your job and start afresh. So, professionals should be very careful in knowing that state of mind when they should actually quit their job and should be happy about it, instead of repenting it later.

This article discusses some tips to help you decide when you should resign your job. What is the right time in your career when you should quit and offer your resignation letter?

What to look out for – The signals that give you a hint that you are not happy with your job

You should look out for these signals

  • Boredom: You are getting bored with the work you are doing. The work has become monotonous, and there are no signs of any change or progress in the near future.
  • You are unhappy in your personal time: You are stressed and anxious, every morning you hate going to office like a school kid, you wait eagerly for holidays and weekends and then get scared to return to office on Mondays. You are unsatisfied and aloof all the time.
  • Your job no longer gives you a perfect work-life balance: You are overburdened with work. Your work does not fit into your lifestyle now. You don’t have the “ME” time for yourself and neither for your family
  • There is no chance to grow: Your professional growth has become stagnant. You are in the same role for a long time and you are not being able to upgrade your skills.
  • You did not get a promotion that was due: Missing out on a promotion can definitely let you down. Your manager is not giving you what you deserve.
  • You are not appreciated: In spite of all the efforts that you put in in your office work, you are not being appreciated for your work. Either you are sidelined or your work credit goes to someone else.
  • You don’t get along with your boss:  If you don’t see eye-to-eye with your boss, things become all the more difficult for you at your workplace.
  • Your job affects your health: Last but not the least, your health gets affected. You are stressed, have sleepless nights and in the worst case, you go into a depression.

Should you quit your job?

When you face any of the above situations, at the most you can try the following to improve your situation in your work life:

  • Talk with your manager or your supervising head and explain your situation as to what you are not liking in your job
  • Know your goals and see whether they are achievable or not in your present job
  • Ask for a different job role or department
  • Ask for a transfer to a different location
  • Take up skill-oriented programs or courses after office hours so that you do not get time to think about your job and you upgrade yourself for better jobs

Sometimes it’s a clear answer that you need to quit. Sometimes it is unclear. Either way, it’s an important decision in your life. Make your decision in such a manner that you do not regret when you quit your job. Till the time you lookout for a full-time job, you can definitely opt for a work-from-home job.

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