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Should Employers allow Social Media to be used in Workplace? Pros and Cons of Social Media in Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace
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There is no denying the fact that social media in present time has become an essential part of our lifestyles. The involvement of social networking in our personal as well as professional life has increased over the years. Let’s find out below whether social media should be used at workplaces or not.

Pros of social media

New and creative ideas can be generated through social media:

Social media platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter , WhatsApp help you to gather more ideas, concepts, innovative thoughts on a larger scale. This can be of great advantage to your organization. It helps you to remain competitive in your business as well with new business ideas and promotions though social media.

Recruiting young talent with brilliant minds

Today, technology has overpowered many aspects of our life and work. Social media is more or a less dominant on the younger age group. This gives a chance to connect to more and more brilliant young minds who can be recruited for your company and who can strengthen your company.

Bridging the communication gap

When you allow your employees to use social media at work, it can actually boost morale and improve employee engagement and remove the communication gap between employer and employees. Not only for professional purpose, even if the employee use social media for personal engagements for few minutes, it shows that you trust them, you make them feel valued, you make them happy, which in turn, increase work productivity.

Employer branding

Social media is an excellent tool for creating a positive buzz about your business. Sharing interesting articles and posts about your company, the activities that go around in your company actually promote your brand. It can be used for marketing of your products. services and your brand.

Social media acts as an energy booster

Working continuously at offices make the job cumbersome, mundane and monotonous. Allowing your employees to use social media for some minutes to have fun and interaction with friends, family and colleagues, in fact, boost up their productivity. Social media acts as a rejuvenator for your employees, especially for the young professionals.

Social media improves team work and can be a problem solver

At times, your employees in one department may get stuck in some project. Employees can quickly solve the problem by just asking on social media for help from other employees. This way, employees remain closer to each other, irrespective of the work profile and department. For any problems, team work help in problem solving.



There becomes a continuous tendency of employees to check on notifications of social media on their phone or laptop. At times, even if the employees are working on an important official projects, there comes situations when they are tempted to check on social media for new updates. This hampers work productivity and also reduces the intensity to do the work.

Non-Informative Trash on social media

Social media does not always give true information. At times, the social media content is of no use for office related works. But, the employees may waste their time in searching for relevant information.

Virus and Digital Privacy Attack

In an office environment, when all computer systems are usually connected to a single network, there is always the technical risk to worry about. Hacking, viruses and scams become very common while using social media. Without a strong Internet security network, you never known when viruses can attack your entire network in your company.  Doing social networking in working places brings all your digital privacy under threat.

Social media can destroy your brand too

You never know when one particular post with malicious intent can destroy your brand. It can be from anyone who has a grudge on you… your present employee or an ex-employee. Any disgruntled employee can attempt to sabotage your business though social media.

Bullying and harassment

Last but not the least, getting bullied or harassed through social media is very common in today’s time. This takes places in offices also, among the employees. It’s an open forum for people to pick on others. And you never know, when it affects your employees too.

So, what’s the conclusion? Should Employers allow Social Media to be used in Workplace?

We see both the pros and cons of social media at workplace.  Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, to keep a balance is the ultimate solution. You cannot ban social media altogether as your employees have their phones to access. You cannot ban them using their mobile phones either. So, your employees will definitely find a way to access social media if they are strictly restricted to use. So, the best way is to outline your policy to your employees on the use of social media in the workplace. This allows them to be clear on what’s expected and what’s not expected from them. And it’s the duty of the employees to abide by your policy measures. This makes them more responsible towards their duties and obligations to their organization. Overusing social media can disrupt the work environment of the office. Thus, as an employer, you should grant your employees the liberty of using social media along with some restrictions imposed on it.




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