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Interested in Counselling Parents? Join Grolier to Learn the Trade and Be an Entrepreneur

Interested in counseling interactive educational products in schools and nearby localities? Are you keen to be an educational entrepreneur, a mentor to counsel educational books, games and puzzles to your known circle? Let us help you to do so.

For this you have to learn the trade first. Counselling parents is tough but not an impossible job. But, before starting, you need to do research on a couple of things such as follows:


Which is your target market?

Is it the play schools and primary schools or the formal high schools (classes 5 to 12)? Play schools, nursery, primary schools are supposed to be the growing market with the need for innovative and interesting fun school products for proper skill and learning development. The high schools require maximum number of educational products for studies, games and sports, for the overall intelligence of the child.

What is your operating model?

Your operating model can be of various types. You interact with the parents directly, either in person or through a telephonic conversation. This is retail selling in which you sell individual items as per parents’ requirements. Or you interact with schools only and sell bulk items. There is another approach that you can adopt. You participate in educational fairs and exhibitions in educational institutions and other localities and display your products.

From which locality do you want to start your business?

Of course, it won’t be possible for you to cover the entire metro city or a big city at the beginning. It is essential to cover small localities initially. Maybe you can start with tier2/tier3 cities and towns. Or you can cover the areas nearest to your locality. Advantages:

  • There is less competition
  • You can easily approach the principal and management
Know your product

Last but not the least, know exactly what you are selling. Remember, you are not selling a product but you are selling the benefits of the products as you are dealing with educational products. Some tips:

  • Show them presentations regarding your product
  • If possible, give them few days of free trial
  • Prepare a good sales pitch
  • Take regular feedbacks
Want to Learn the Trade of Selling Educational products?

GharSeNaukri.com in association with Grolier has come up with this excellent opportunity for its registered female members to be an entrepreneur by selling educational products produced by Grolier. Grolier is an international US-based company working in the field of skill development for young kids since decades. Grolier India is involved in producing educational books and other informative products to make learning Interesting, fun & enjoyment for a child. Grolier India is looking for self-motivated women candidates to sell Grolier products in schools and nearby localities.

The company will provide all necessary training to the interested candidates and make them entrepreneurs and mentors with strong entrepreneurial skills of marketing and selling educational products. For details, check out Work From Home, Women Entrepreneur-International Education Company Grolier.

Benefits of Joining Grolier
  • You are given proper training
  • You work according to your convenient timing
  • Huge potential of growth and income
  • You pave your own path of becoming an entrepreneur and mentor

If interested, you can also connect with us at 9266660121.

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