Returning Professional a ‘Second avtar’

Comeback Careers for Women GharSeNaukri
Comeback Careers for Women GharSeNaukri 

It is said that skills never wane off. Skills complemented with expertise and experience is unmatchable. Bollywood Divas look all the more glamorous and enchanting after a hiatus which they have taken due to marriage and children. If Kajol, Madhuri still are the reigning queens of our hearts, then why does the economic structure of our country pose a big question for women professionals who want a comeback in their career after a break due to family responsibilities?

Second Career Woman

A report in ‘Business Line’ reveals that “Women professionals who quit for personal reasons are being wooed back by companies big and small that value their multitasking abilities.” Many companies are accepting women back into the workforce who have quit jobs for personal reasons. Corporate majors such as IBM, SAP, Mahindra Satyam, Hindustan Unilever, Virtusa Corporation and many Tata companies have dedicated programmes to woo back these ‘second career’ women.

Significant Case Studies

Business Software Solutions Company SAP refers to a returning professional as fence sitters. And strongly believe that this group of experienced skilled professionals need to be got back to the company. The initiative ‘Stay In Touch’ ensures that the woman professional returns to work after a sabbatical.

TATA’s The Second Career Internship Programme is a unique initiative which creates opportunities for women returning to the job market after a break. It facilitates flexible schedules and project based employments.

Technology and Consulting company IBM’s ‘Bring her back’ imitative is meant to bring back women professionals who have taken a mid career sabbatical. The returning professional shall be inducted into a special induction and upskilling program. Similarly Mahindra Satyam has a ‘start over’ programme for women who have taken a career break.


GharSeNaukri’s (GSN) Initiatives

As a unique career portal, GSN clearly realizes the bottom-line of a returning professional’s aspirations. A returning professional is in a ‘Second avtar’. Her experience and skills are in place. She has the strength to give up a career at her peak and again has the determination to get back as a professional. GSN salutes this!

GSN as a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Portal has nearly 15% of their registered jobseekers as returning professionals and the numbers are increasing day by day. Since the beginning of 2017, GSN has partnered with companies and has an offer of nearly 200 jobs for returning professionals.

Benefits of Hiring Returning Professional

For Employers or companies it is not required to get rigid and look for professionals who have not had a career break at all. Bringing women back to the workforce encourages equal participation. Returning professionals are matured, stable and dedicated. Experienced returning professionals need less hand holding than a fresh recruit which reduces hiring costs and turnover time drastically.

GSN is on this path…of creating an enabling environment and shrinking gaps….Connect with GSN and let’s explore all possibilities of empowering the second career woman.


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  1. I am ramya .i am a software engineer with 3 years of exp. due to maternity i have 4 years of gap. I want to join back in IT

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