How to Regain your Self-Confidence? Some Simple Tips to be a Stronger You

A woman is always considered as a multi-tasker – managing home, work, kids, family. But, inspite of the fact that she is handling everything perfectly, there are situations in life when she loses her confidence in herself. There are times, when she feels that she is good for nothing, she is useless, not being able to do anything for herself or for her family and so on. Why does she lose her self-confidence? There are many situations in home and work that make one lose her self-esteem. For instances:

  • She left her job, wants to restart again but there is a gap of experience and she feels that she won’t be able to join back.
  • She has constantly been criticised, may be for her cooking or her style or on anything by her husband or in-laws or anyone in the family.
  • Body shaming also leads to poor self esteem.
  • She is a mom, constantly busy with her baby but her husband keeps on nagging her for not contributing to the household expenses. She loses her confidence.

These are just few of such situations in life which compel a woman to have doubts on herself and her capability. She loses confidence in herself, and hesitates to move forward and do well in life. This article is going to give you some tips and ideas about what you can do to regain your self- confidence. Remember, losing self-confidence is just a temporary phase in life, which you need to help yourself to regain back.

Regain your self confidence

Some Simple Tips to be a Stronger You

First of all, stop being your own critic: We all have an inner critic, which praises you to the top and which demeans you to the bottom. Now, it is up-to you what to choose. When you consider yourself best, you work hard to be the best. But, when you yourself feel that you are good for nothing, you lose your self-confidence. The solution is to believe in yourself. Raise your self esteem by saying on your own, “ I Can, I Will Do it”.

Avoid the company of those who try to make you feel low or down: There are many times when your own known people start criticizing you. The advice is to ignore them or avoid them. Well, the more you stay away from this kind of people, the more you will start regaining your self confidence.

Be in the midst of positive company: Now, not necessarily, all the known people of yours will be bad. There are many who are your real friends and critics. There must be someone whom you can rely, someone with whose company you feel happy, someone who advises you to rise in life, someone who brings positivity around you. When you feel low, get in touch with such people who can pep you up, encourage you and help you to be strong and confident.

Focus on what you want to do in life, what you want in life: This is another way to motivate yourself. Write down your wish list, your dreams, your aims on a plain paper and keep it somewhere where it is visible to you many times in the day, may be your bedroom mirror or refrigerator door. Keep on reading this list and try to find out ways to achieve them. The more you motivate yourself to get your dreams fulfilled, the more you will be confident in yourself.

Appreciate yourself: There are simple fun things that you can do to regain your self confidence. Every night, just before go you go to sleep, stand in front of the mirror, think about things that you have done the entire day that you can appreciate about yourself. Make a list. Every night, repeat this process for a month or so. At the end of month, you will see, there are many new things that you are doing, that make you feel happy and you appreciate them. Slowly, you will realize that you are capable of doing many things that can be appreciated or acknowledged. Try it, it works to give you a good self-esteem boost.

 Learn from your mistakes: Another way to gain self esteem is to handle mistakes and failures in a more positive way. You might stumble in life while doing something new. But, if you try to accomplish anything, such breakdowns should not break you down.

Don’t fall into the comparison trap: When you compare your life with others then you are destructing yourself. There is always someone who is better or has more than you at something in the world. There are always people ahead of you. But, always remember, you also are better than many others and you also have more than many others. So, do not compare yourself with anyone. You are your own identity.

So dear ladies, do not lose hope, faith and confidence in yourself. You can conquer the world if you want. Just, try to stay positive and seek your dreams in life.

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