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The foremost challenges faced by any industry or organization across all sectors for recruiting are the following:

  • Acquiring or recruiting the suitable talent
  • Retaining the acquired talent
  • And creating and supporting a competency and skilful development framework.

How to leverage people in an organization?

As an employer, when you choose candidates for your organization, it is also very essential to leverage your employees so as to get the best possible outcome. The basic rules are

  • Understanding that each employee is different
  • The employees should understand the business requirements
  • Each should have a fair knowledge of people management skills
  • Employees should be adaptable to the work conditions
  • Last but not the least, an employee should have the learning ability, which is an important requirement. He or she should be willing to work with new technology, should be passionate about learning, and should take interest in enhancement of skills.

When a company has people who are willing to go that extra mile and learn and transform their learning into action in their office work, the half of the work of leveraging people for the organization is solved.

How can these be promoted in an organization? What practices should be followed? 

  • Customized online psychometric tool: During the recruitment process, one best way to choose the right candidates is to make them sit for an online psychometric test, which besides the regular questions, include questions that test the intellectual personality aspects of the candidates, like as analytical and cognitive ability, learning styles and learning ability. Results give an understanding of the candidate’s prominent style of working and also his style of working when there is too much pressure.
  • Conduct behavioral interviews:  In such a procedure, a candidate’s selection is based on facts rather than intuitive. Hypothetical questions can help to know candidate’s problem-solving skills.  A behavior assessment is required for successful recruitment of candidates at different levels.
  • Recruiting leadership talent: For leadership level positions, small assignments can be given to judge their strengths and limitations. They should have the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. They should be adaptable to the culture of the organization and should have the quality of taking the team along. Also, leaders need to be willing experiment and take challenges and execute their strategies.
  • A social recruiting strategy is required: The trend is to appoint or find candidates through social media platforms like Glassdoor, FaceBook, LinkedIn etc. Investment in social media strategies, recruitment marketing, and increasing use of social listening tools is required.

Challenges while recruiting the best talent

It is easy to choose candidates on the basis of performance, capability and competence. The problem is in the lack of tech and product talent availability across sectors. The basic need is to offer holistic package, that will be helpful in attracting the desired talent and retain them and making them productive as well as making their life easier. It is the time to opt for structural reorganization, contemporary people policies, change in methods of business operations and the need to have a strong and powerful performance management system in place. There is the requirement of multiple initiatives with attractive compensation and other benefits so as to develop competitive advantage.

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