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Preference for Flexible Jobs is on the Rise: Know the reasons “WHY”

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When we ask working professionals if they think a flexible job would make their lives better and easier, a few of them will probably say “most likely” or “possible” but, if the same question is asked to professionals who are actually working in a flexible work model, then their answer will definitely be a “YES”. There are varied reasons for this but the outcome is clear: employees who have experienced working in flexible jobs reap immense benefits, which may not be experienced by full-time employees. That is why, it is seen that the ones who are doing flexible jobs always seek out jobs of flexible nature all the time and very rarely go back to a regular job.

Why flexible work make lives better for people?

In a recent survey, different people who are actually remote workers working in flexible hours, responded on the benefits of being in flexible jobs. Different people had different reasons. Here are the stories of some employees who are making their lives better with flexible work (names changed)

  • Maintaining health plus career: Deepika suffers from anxiety. She is a software developer for over 8 years now. She was in a full-time job with a software firm initially. But many times, her anxiety attacks were severe during the time when she was in the office. She used to get tensed for any small or big tasks in the office. Commuting in a crowded metro used to make her feel all the more suffocated and tensed. Luckily, her boss understood her problem and gave her the opportunity to work from home, with occasional visits to the office.  Deepika now has a home office, she just works more efficiently when working from home and provides her much-needed service to her employer in a prompt and efficient manner. With no stress and panic attacks, she has shown more productivity in this work mode, which is actually beneficial to the employer as well.
  • Freelancing Helps Pay the Bills: There is Miss. Sumana from Kolkata, who immediately after her graduation, took up freelancing work as a content writer. She is now pursuing a distance-learning post-graduation course, along with freelancing. She says, “I am working for 2-3 projects at the same time and have a handful of clients, and I earn enough to pay my bills.”
  • Flexible timing: Post marriage, Gayatri could not take up a full-time job inspite of a being a BEd. The reason, she was staying with her ailing in-laws and had to be in the house to take care of them. But, luckily, with online tutoring facilities available, she has joined as an online tutor, and now, she provides her classes online to a group of students at her own convenient time without disturbing her daily routine.
  • A More Comfortable Work Environment: Post maternity, Shreela was supposed to join back office after 6 months. But, with no full-time maid, no support from in-laws or parents, it was difficult for her to join back. Unfortunately, she had to leave her job. But when a friend told her about “gharsenaukri.com” job portal, she immediately registered on the site and uploaded her CV. Within a short period of time, she got the opportunity to work from home as a recruiter. It’s now almost 5 years, she has been working from home. She says, “Flexible working allows me to go to work in my slippers and pajamas. I am more comfortable and focused now as I am now able to be with my kid all the time. He is now 4 years old. I am still continuing my job as I work as per my convenience”
  • More Time for Family and Personal Interests: Mrs. Suman says, “Due to having a flexible job, I am able to give more time to my family and kids. Working flexible hours makes my life better because now I also have time to pursue my personal interests. I can attend any events or classes or activities that I’m interested in. Plus, I can help my school-going children in their studies, which otherwise would not have been possible in a full-time job.”

Once you get into the mold of flexible working, you continue working on that because of the immense benefits associated with it, especially for women. For such flexible job options, register on the site GharSeNaukri.com

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