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Planning not to Work Full Time after Child Birth? Then GharSeNaukri is the Answer

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Congratulations to you on becoming a proud mom or a proud mom to be! It’s the greatest experience any woman can have. Unlike in west, Indian women are more family-oriented than being career conscious. So chances are you wouldn’t be planning to work soon in near future. Not at least for next two or three years till your little wonder is old enough to be taken care of by other family members.

Why stop working after childbirth?

If you are a working woman, it is very much possible that you will find it really hard to adjust to the feeling of not getting up and going to your job every day. Maybe you are already brainstorming how you can use your long free hours in between taking care of your young one. Well, thank your stars that you are living in an era of unbound opportunities. Now even ‘new moms’ have an opportunity to do part-time ‘GharSeNaukri’ after childbirth.  Can you believe it!

Who says jobs are done in offices only?

Times are changing. In fact, for many things they already have. With booming economies like that of India, employers and businesses need a large pool of skilled human resource and if this means tapping into the vast workforce wanting to work from their homes, you bet they would gladly oblige. “GharSeNaukri” is a job concept that has evolved out of a potential vacuum that existed between home-based job-seekers and a huge skilled workforce requirement. However, the main impetus and the vision behind the concept is to provide Indian women a chance of self-empowerment by working from their homes.

Buckle up for a career in Freelancing!

If you have fire in your belly to expect more from life and not let childbirth hold you back from continuing to work, then “GharSeNaukri” will give you wings to pursue your passion. You can buckle up yourself for a foray into a rewarding career in freelancing from your home. There are myriad of freelance opportunities waiting for you depending upon your skills and education. Here’s a sneak preview into all the wonderful job opportunities you can explore after childbirth with the help of a powerful platform like “GharSeNaukri”.

Freelance Job Opportunities for new Mom

·         Content writer and translators

·         Tele-marketing and lead generation executives

·         Customer relations executives

·         Research executives

·         HR recruiters

·         Tutors (academics and arts)

·         Digital marketers and social media managers

·         Travel, insurance, investment advisor

More jobs are on the way

These jobs are just the tip of the iceberg as far as job opportunities at “GharSeNaukri” for moms-at-home are concerned. The promoters of the concept are vigorously engaging employers from all walks of life and the response is truly amazing and encouraging. More jobs and more avenues are on the anvil.

Jobs are the best way to women-empowerment

Empowerment comes less from society and government legislations and more from having economic power in your hands. Of course as a wife or daughter you do deserve a share in the family earnings but that is just not same or as ‘empowering’ as your self-earned income. It is not about any ‘ego’ rather it is about your self-esteem and practical needs. Why should you forego your ability and right to work and earn your own money if you are capable of doing so? As a new mom, “GharSeNaukri” allows you the wonderful opportunity of continuing to earn even after the childbirth and supporting your family in dealing with the increased expenses of a growing-up infant. Go ahead, and proudly be a part of this path breaking women empowerment movement.
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