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Personal Branding: An Essential Requirement for Your Professional Growth and the Need for a Mentor


Developing your personal brand is very important for the growth of your career and for your growth as a leader in your work or business.  Unfortunately, personal branding has become more of a “generalised” term where people feel that using the social media is the best way to build their personal brand, their product, services or business and increase their importance.  Many professionals feel that social media is the only platform to increase their market value quickly for their brand identity. What they forget is that the entire process of creating a personal brand is a much bigger responsibility and it is not limited to social media only. It is a never-ending journey…

Personal branding needs your own efforts as ultimately at the end it is you who will be benefited. But there is not just one way but many ways to create your brand in the market. You need to define yourself as a leader in the process of your professional growth and how the entire process can help you find out ways in which you will be able to perform well and reach your goals and objectives efficiently.

Your brand should display your values, your professionalism, your etiquette, your behaviour towards others. Remember, Personal Branding is not self-promotion, personal branding is a professional requirement. Showcase your achievements and success in such a way that people admire you for your work. So, your personal branding should be such that you are a role model for others. Be it in sports or movies or in our professional lives and jobs, it is this personal brand that we create for ourselves as a trademark, and for which we need to continuously work on it, mould and shape it with the intention of helping others to benefit from having an association with us and with our work.

Why do you need a mentor for personal branding?

Mentors play an important role in your professional development, thereby helping you in creating your personal brand. Professional mentors offer different lessons that speak to your many needs. Be it your communication skills, be it your soft skills and etiquette, your dressing sense, your performance, your capabilities…all these can be given that perfect final finishing touch only with the help of mentors.

  • It is your mentor who makes you aware of your own potential
  • Mentors help you to develop your personality
  • Mentors help to build your personal brand, both online and offline
  • Accept your failures, your drawbacks, criticism in a positive way as your mentors will give you unbiased but valuable opinions about you
  • Your mentor helps you to improve your image and reputation.
  • Mentors will identify your strongest qualities as they will view your personal brand from the outside and help you grow

Identify your needs first and reach out to different mentors to meet diverse needs. Keep the channels of communication open at all times. But, at the end, remember, it is your own efforts, your will and your hard work that will create your personal brand…

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