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Our Services is Our Passion
‘Work from Home’ woman improves their community and family life by doing the perfect balance, pitching in their expertise on opportunities and enabling a proactive community networking. GSN empowers these women working from home with various opportunities. GSN offers excellent opportunities for ‘Women entrepreneurs’ who are aspiring to start new business ventures. The challenges will be eased out by GSN in the Woman Entrepreneurship Program. Effective communication and advice shapes the lives of many and when Working from Home Mothers who are truly an inspiration become the Mentor, then success is not far off. GSN is the perfect interface for ‘DigiMums’…or as we put it ‘SocioDigiMum’. Empaneling with GSN ‘Business Program’ shall enable work from home mothers and women entrepreneurs to enhance their digital skills.

GharSeNaukri Work From Home Programs
GharSeNaukri Work From Home Programs

Our Responsibility
Every organization has a responsibility towards the development of the Nation. Its contribution is not limited only to economic development but also social development and investing in women is most productive and beneficial….because empowered women can make their own decisions……… families are healthier and the community progresses. And GSN is bang on the path….
Thus to conclude with a line from Robert Frost’s poem ‘A Boundless Moment’……. “Oh, that’s the Paradise-in-bloom,”…Yes let’s create the paradise…let the world of having economically empowered women not be a utopia.

OZiva Fit And Fun Mom ,Working from Home

Marguerite Duras, French novelist and experimental filmmaker had rightly said “Mothers remain the strangest, craziest people we have ever met!”  Fitness conscious mom, fun loving mom and a mom with tremendous aspirations knows that Health is the greatest gift and contentment the greatest wealth.

work from home mom
work from home mom

The All Good Health

Diet plays a crucial role in a woman’s health. Research shows that eating whole grain foods reduces the chance of having cancer by 40%. Not just cutting down on junk food but reducing the quantity of salt intake to 5gms a day is beneficial. Water does wonders for the entire system and flushes out toxins. A balanced combination of all nutrients with a dollop of happiness relaxes your body and improves your health.

A healthy body can also be attained with the use of high quality wholesome nutritional meal shakes. Protein is the foundational nutrient to achieve optimal progress in body fitness. A healthy nutritional shake helps to hydrate during workout, is an instant source of energy post workout, and helps in a healthy body.

OZiva aims at solving the basic challenges of lack of nutrition, irregular meals and consumption of fast food and several other detrimental factors.  OZiva, focuses on tailored solutions to help meet daily nutrition requirements and have developed the perfect, nutrition-rich products whether Losing Weight or Gaining Muscle or eating healthy.

oziva health drinks for mom,women,females
oziva health drinks for mom,women,females


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs On World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day (WHD) is celebrated globally on April 18th to encourage local communities and individuals to appreciate the importance of cultural heritage.  Its focus is to promote awareness on cultural diversity and vulnerability of rich intangible heritage to survive in modern era. On the occasion of   WHD, April 18th, 2017, National Rail Museum and  Asia Pacific Heritage and Tourist Rail Organisation (APHTRO) in association with UNESCO and Dronah Foundation held an exhibition of ‘Intangibles’ and Panel Discussion on the theme ‘Railway Heritage For Sustainable Tourism’. (more…)

The ‘SocioDigi’ Super Mom – Be Social Mom, Be a Digital Mom, Learn Social Networking, Learn Digital Marketing from

GharSeNaukri Super Mom Program
GharSeNaukri Super Mom Program

…….And the ‘CROWN’ goes to ‘The Happening Super Mom’ of the millennia…For GharSeNaukri the Supermom is every woman out there reading this. So lets us together embark on the journey of transforming from a ‘Supermom’ to a ‘SocioDigi’ mom.

Need to Adopt Social Digital Tools

In the present day, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with the vast array of digital tools available on the internet. Resources on the internet and various mobile apps are not just potential opportunities to be seized but a power tool to transform our life by empowering us to undertake several available career options, personality development, and enhancing life and social skills.

Why to get ‘SocioDigi’ Savvy

Internet is world in itself which has an abundant collection of information. Similarly digital tool or digital apps have a tremendous impact on our lifestyle when used judiciously.  Usage of internet by a mom enhances her prospects and elevates her to totally another level.

  • You want your brave heart to participate in fancy dress as Rani Laxmi Bai…Look up for attires, dialogues and groom her.
  • Your son’s science project needs vast information with colourful illustrations, internet is full of it.
  • You want to master a Bollywood number for the upcoming Sangeet function, check you tube and learn it and shake your leg!
  • Need to cook your family’s favourite paneer item in 20 different ways….the gourmet delights will baffle you.
  • Driving to a Cinema, check up Google maps for the right directions.
  • Want to order food from your nearest restaurant, Use the best mobile app for hassle free delivery.
  • Be it net banking to paying school fees online to booking your travel tickets to doping reservations at holiday destinations….you are just one click away!
  • Want to get connected with friends on Facebook or tweet on any issue on Twitter or put up picture on Instagram…all these will enhance your social presence.
  • Looking for a job, want to showcase your profile, want to gain knowledge  on topics ranging from culture to environment, to woman’s rights to reproductive health to entrepreneurship development….internet has a vast repository to check and learn from.

These are just some common applications which shall make every Mom’s life simpler and exciting. After all, indulging in something which is totally new-fangled is satisfying and extremely significant in today’s digital world.

An Overview of Women in Digital World

In a survey by Digital Strategy Consulting ‘Women use online instant messaging applications three times as much as men, and are more active social networkers’

Social Mom GharSeNaukri

The survey also revealed that ‘Women spend 3 hours more on calls every month when compared to men and 4 times longer on instant messaging applications.’

Social Mom GharSeNaukri

The findings clearly reveal that internet has become an essential part of today’s lifestyle. India is the third biggest country in terms of internet usage with a highly social and mobile audience. Data also reveals that very soon India is going to surpass US in terms of Facebook users.

Yes, staying connected, being digital savvy and using social networking platforms is a game changer.

Social Mom GharSeNaukri1


# Use Google. There is nothing that you cannot learn from it.

# Get a profile on Social networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Post your thoughts and comment and tweet on others.

# Open an email account and learn the way to compose message, send mails and attach files. All these are self learning and lots of help is provided online.

#Type random words of your interest and sign up for blogs. Read and learn and do spend quality time online

# Start with small steps by signing-up for an event in your nearby locality or trying an app to order something online.

# Check the various tools and programs on your computer or tablet or laptop. Experiment on MS word, try a presentation on PowerPoint, download a song…..list is endless.


GharSeNaukri and ‘SocioDigi’ Mom

GharSeNaukri is the ‘Sociodigi’ mom’s one stop portal to unravel herself as a jobseeker and learner from community development and a woman entrepreneur. Learning the basics of computer to access internet and Lo and behold…….you will be flooded with opportunities. GharSeNaukri has a platform which showcases all upcoming workshops, learning modules, self development and entrepreneurial skill enhancement opportunities.

Register with GharSeNaukri and Connect to a massive storehouse of suitable prospects and transform yourself to a Super Mom!

Call: +91 8802-360360




Freelancer with GharSeNaukri
Freelancer with GharSeNaukri

As an employer or a human resource manager, you will prefer workers who have the desired expertise, are dedicated and can be full time workers. Hiring someone as a freelancer might not be a very acceptable proposition, but engaging freelancers has a lot of benefits.

To define a freelancer – “A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.” Thus employers should consider hiring freelancers for jobs with specific expertise – Search Engine Optimization, Blogger /writer, graphic designer, transcript writers, social media expert, legal professional…….and many more.

How can freelancers benefit the company or the employer:


Indira Mompreneur Working from Home

Indira Sharma, a woman of substance is a true embodiment of what her name Indira means-‘Splendid’. She is a Graphic Designer not just by her profession but it is her passion too. Creativity of hues, designs, abstracts enthuse her……Giving a picture to words, giving an image to expressions and thoughts are her forte.

With 20 years of experience in this profession spanning across touch points like Web, Mobile, GUI and Print Media, her creativity and strategy helps her to facilitate logical user centric and innovative thinking in new business development and ultimately  leads it to a visionary execution.

After her graduation from Delhi University, Indira did her Diploma in Commercial Art and PG Diploma in Media and Public Relation. Then it was no looking back. Armed with her degree and conviction, she worked in many companies and organizations with National and International repute in various capacities.  She gained experience in Publication house, Graphic Studios and Computer Software companies with various kinds of job profiles and work experience.

But Yes…Finally came a day…when she wanted to do something on her own…..manage and balance family and work and yet give a shape to her creativity. Thus evolved and came up ‘Studio Ina’. (more…)

Women Entrepreneurs in Economic Development

Women Entrepreneurs
Women Entrepreneurs

Who is an Entrepreneur

Investopedia defines Entrepreneur as “An  individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risks and rewards of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.”

Yes……an entrepreneur in a true sense is an innovator with a determination to achieve. An entrepreneur has the essential skills to initiate new ideas in the market, create goods, provide services and overcomes several challenges and obstacles to convert the venture into a profit.

Entrepreneur and Economic Development

Entrepreneurs create new businesses and provide path breaking contributions for services and products.  Many a times an entrepreneurial venture can help develop associated industries too.

An entrepreneur creates social change. Many a times the products or services break away from the traditional and existing systems or technologies. Creation of a product or offering of services which are new and innovative shall bring about social change in the society.

Successful entrepreneurial ventures invest in community development too. As any business organization, entrepreneurs invest in social responsibility of the community or area they are living in.

Entrepreneurs create employment opportunities, start a cycle of community involvement, and empower artisans or local skills.

GharSeNaukri(GSN) – An Interface for Companies and Entrepreneurs

GharSeNaukri as a portal empowers and promotes entrepreneurs who have their own ventures and want to showcase their skills or products to have a client base. The portal provides an exciting opportunity to all Home Based Aspirants Entrepreneurs, Established Entrepreneurs, Momprenuers to start earning by selling their products and services.

The second type of entrepreneurs we promote are women who would like to shoulder ventures of companies and organizations.

How GharSeNaukri Works

GSN has tie up with major leading companies who want to initiate and give opportunities to women on entrepreneurial ventures. Companies like Anand Rathi, Flintobox,, Ozivia, CueMath, Skyvalue, Metamorf , Baby Destination have partnered with GSN to provide entrepreneurial ventures to women. Providing such opportunities does not only pertain to economic empowerment but the company too fulfills its obligation and social responsibility towards the nation’s development. As Former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan has said “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”

Thus, it is time now for companies or organizations to explore possibilities of offering entrepreneurial ventures to the vast populace of women who possess the expertise and skills and just require the window of opportunity to fulfil their aspirations, realize their dreams and fly high….You as an employer….. As a company have the power to do it….Let’s Do it Together!


Let’s Step It Up ……for Gender Equality

Women's DayCan we have a planet 50-50 by 2030 or does it sound very utopian? Does it not sound ludicrous when we still discuss gender equality in this modern age? Don’t we feel embarrassed when we still grapple for equal opportunities for men and women? India is a nation whose (more…)

An opportunity to all aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion in teaching and child development to start a play centre right from their homes with GharSeNaukri

blogger-gharsenaukriChildhood is beautiful! This stage of life when one is carefree yet inquisitive, innocent yet curious, loving and giving…. Thus it is our collective responsibility to help evolve our children in a safe, secured beautiful environment. An important stage of childhood development is pre-schooling. This is a stage in which social, psychological and communication skills develop. And the reason to enhance is primarily because it improves confidence, self-esteem and concentration, facilitates a strong educational foundation and develops cognitive skills. (more…)

Customer Service Executive…GharSeNaukri is offering an opportunity to Women with Urban Ladder

Urban LadderUrban Ladder is a leading online furniture company that aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions, to help the Urban Indian build well-furnished, beautiful homes. It offers a range of new and traditional furniture.

Urban Ladder is looking for Customer Service Executive – Working from Home, Jobs for Moms, Jobs for Women. The job profile is: (more…)