Is India Listening there are 16 Crore Women waiting to join the Work Force

India is one such country which simply cannot ignore that fact there are lot of women and if someone wants to quantify that into numbers, then they are in for a huge surprise. According to experts there are 16 crore women which is 160 million and many of whom are educated and with skills not utilized in the job market. (more…)

Why Flexible working hours are good for Company and Women

The aim of any organization is to make profit and for that they would need good employees. Only through the synergy of organizational management this task can be achieved. But there is a growing trend where many companies are offering flexible working hours or work from home benefits which are not only helping companies but also women in many ways and GharSeNaukri is the chief facilitator. (more…)

India has a Workforce waiting to breakthrough and they are Women

Our economy is on the upswing and it has been said India has the world’s highest number of people who can join the workforce to make our country great and a lot of initiative has gone into making that into a reality. However that is not the whole picture because even though we have significantly higher number of people below the age of thirty just waiting to scoop all the opportunities, women still do not figure out in the scheme of things. (more…)

How working part time has invigorated women, family and Companies in India

There was a time in India when the moment marriage was fixed and if the girl was working the first demand would be in many cases, she must quit her job. However over the years this silly practice of making a women quit her job has slowly diminished. But the reality is many women give up thriving carrier on their own accord for the sake of taking care of children. (more…)

There is Direct Correlation between Women having a Job and Empowerment

People often turn sceptic when a co- relationship between women empowerment and employment is analysed. As per the recent UN fact & figures, women on work or job play a vital role in improving as well as strengthening the economic empowerment and fiscal conditions within a country. This subsequently contributes in increased household income share that comes from women earnings. (more…)

Women in the workplace

Women remain underrepresented across organizations—especially at senior levels of leadership—a new survey by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey finds.

From entry level to the C-suite, women are underrepresented at US corporations, less likely to advance than men, and face more barriers to senior leadership. In fact, at the rate of progress of the past three years, it will take more than 100 years for the upper reaches of US corporations to achieve gender parity. (more…)

Credihealth collaborates with GharSeNaukri to benefit Stay-At-Home moms

A normal day in the life of a person living in a metropolitan city, usually involves consumption of junk food, a hectic work schedule, limited (or no) physical activity, stress and a constant struggle to make more time for other activities. With days like these, people today struggle to lead a healthy life and that is the reason why so many of us suffer from diseases like asthma, diabetes etc. (more…)

GharSeNaukri to Help Women Showcase their talent

There are various online job portals active online that support women empowerment by directing the best online employment opportunities to their computer screens. Concept of work at home is hot and new. Every woman is endowed with unique skills and has a different educational background. Many online job portals prefer providing job opportunities for experienced and educated women only. (more…)

If you have a Skill, GharSeNaukri has a Job

Are you a dynamic candidate with intangible skills and seek a balance between your domestic life and professional life? More often, people get confused between core skills and academic awards whereas “soft skills” refer to intangible skills that generally have the tendency to add up to an amazing career. (more…)

GharSeNaukri a Catalyst for Job Opportunity & Domestic Stability

Before opting for a job opportunity, women are likely to consider a few significant aspects of an offered employment with respect to family responsibilities and domestic stability. Common questions that pop up in a woman’s mind before applying for an employment are: (more…)