Anu Kumari, UPSC Women Topper – An Inspiration of Women Empowerment for Girls and Young Mothers

She is given the brand ambassador title for the ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ programme in her home district Sonipat by the state government of Haryana. She is 31 years old, a mother of 4-year-old child, and the second rank holder in UPSC Civil Services Exam this year. She is Anu Kumari, a perfect role model for the young girls to follow and get inspired.

With BSc (Hons) in Physics from Hindu College, Delhi University, she has done an MBA (Finance and Marketing) from IMT, Nagpur and was working in the corporate sector before giving up her job to prepare for UPSE. Her first attempt in UPSC was in 2016, when she didn’t clear the prelims for 1 mark. But, this didn’t stop her, and she with full determination started preparing for the exam again. Of course, she got full support from her family and husband.


An inspiration of women empowerment for girls and young mothers


Benefits of Being a Part of Women-Only Tours: Why Should You Opt for It?

Gone are those days when women travelled only with their family, husband and kids. Today, women are more independent, smart and want to experiment with an adventurous lifestyle. A “girls’ solo trip” or “women only tour” has become a new trend among the young, savvy, professional and independent modern women, married or unmarried.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with Gateaway Goddess, Cox & Kings!!!

So, ladies and girls… It’s time to de-stress and enjoy a break. Join in an all-girls trip. From crazy adventures to never-ending gossips to wonderful bonding to sightseeing, shopping, food and many more, an all-girls trip is just what you need to break out of your routine life.


Benefits of all girls’ trip: Why should you opt for it?


The Success of your Company Depends on your Recruitment: Contact for your Dream Candidate

Your Search for Women Talent for your organization ends here!!! GharSeNaukri (2)

The foremost challenges faced by any industry or organization across all sectors for recruiting are the following:

  • Acquiring or recruiting the suitable talent
  • Retaining the acquired talent
  • And creating and supporting a competency and skilful development framework.


On this Mother’s Day, Make Some Resolutions for Yourself: Quick 20 Mother’s Day Resolutions for a Better “You”

On this Mother’s Day, Make some resolutions for yourself…Yes, am taking about the mothers. Enough of your duties and responsibilities for your family and kids!!! These are never-ending and these are thankless jobs. Keep on doing your daily chores but at the same time, think about “YOU” as an individual, as an independent person with your own likes, dislikes, agreements or disagreements. Stop playing the role of a submissive woman. Come forward, be assertive and think about your empowerment and independence. Make some commitments to accomplish your goals in life.

Happy Mothers Day

Let this Mothers Day Begin with New Hopes: Quick 20 Resolutions for a Better “You”


Experience the Magic of Yoga Tours: Connect with Karmic Routes and

Yoga, an ancient practice rooted in over 5000 years ago in ancient Indian texts and traditions and lifestyle, continues to gain popularity in India as well countries abroad. This ancient form of meditation and exercise has taken the world in its stride, both for the young and old generations. Yoga is good for everyone. Studies have shown how yoga has can help improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and overall quality of health and life. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

yoga tours karmicroutes

How about being part of exciting yoga tours? Connect with Karmic Routes

Do you love travelling? Why do you travel: for sightseeing, for exploring new places, for adventure, for religion or just for relaxation? Whatever the reasons, why not club travel and yoga together this time?

Yes, we are taking about yoga tours, the latest trend in the travel and tourism industry, where people travel for both fun and a healthy lifestyle. With the popularity and growth of various wellness, spiritual, rejuvenation and yoga centers, India has become the hub for the tourists, both local and international.


Top 3 Online Shopping Companies in India with the Best Maternity Policies

Considering the importance on the role of women in the family and their responsibilities towards their children, many Indian companies have started rolling out supportive maternity policies. Till a few years back, the maternity leave was only for a period of 3 months, today, it has been extended to 6 and ½ months. Not only that, companies are also providing flexible hours working, working from home, crèche facilities to the new mothers or the expectant mothers so that they can join back again to the daily grind of deadlines, targets, challenges and victories.

Career Advice Maternity-Leave GharSeNaukri

Here are the 3 best known e-commerce companies in India opting for favorable maternity policies:


Managing Time in a Work from Home Job: 10 Quick Tips to Manage Time while Working

Many people are of opinion that doing a work-from-home job is a cakewalk. The reason being, you don’t have to go out of the house, you don’t have to waste time dressing up and getting ready, you don’t have to prepare lunch for work and you work according to your convenience. Again, many professional women leave their full-time jobs, and opt for flexible or work-from-home jobs only to enjoy a proper work-life balance. While this is true, this can only be fulfilled only when there is proper time management. So, managing time is the need of the hour to maintain a perfect work-life balance, whether you work in the office or at home.

career goals from gharsenaukri

Some Quick Tips to Manage Time in a Work from Home Job


GharSeNaukri Provides the Best Employment Solutions for Employers. Join Us to Find Better Candidates

GharSeNaukri (GSN) is the largest career and community platform solely designed for women, with a database of more than 5 lakh registered members who are looking for work-from-home, part-time, remote, freelancing and flexible jobs. If as an employer, your company believes in quality of work rather than quantity of hours, in flexible work options and women empowerment in real sense, then this is the right platform for you to find the right female talent for your organization. GharSeNaukri Provides the Best Employment Solutions for Employers. See how our Hiring Services quickly deliver the right candidates for you.

GharSeNaukri Employer employ Women

How Can GSN Help Employers?

Building the People

It is rightly said, “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build your business”.  Building up your employees for your organization is not as simple as it sounds. But, we at GSN can help you to hire the key people who will be able to provide great products/services as per your need. We help to choose your team members as per their potential, and who can work for the advancement of your company. We help you to build the perfect team who can work for the advancement of your company. Search our resume database now!

Innovation and Technology

As a career platform, we very well understand the need to stay current with new innovation and have a firm grasp of new technology. So, if you want to compete in today’s world, then, it’s important to keep your employees up-to-date with technology and keep abreast of emerging new technology. We keep ourselves updated with new technology and its implications and hence in a position to help people to upgrade skills or learn new skills to get ahead in their career or business.

Leadership, Purpose and Strategy

GSN helps companies to build the capacity for strategic leadership and purpose. We assist companies in finding the leaders who can demonstrate excellent performance, constant ambition, and the ability to solve the problems of the present. We help to provide strategic leaders that can make use of best business practices for your company for remaining competitive and relevant.

Measuring Performance

A growing number of organizations are rethinking the way of measuring employees’ performance. Employee performance metrics are very important to tracking how your work force is performing. Implementing them the right way is very essential. Partner with us for evaluating the performance of your employees. We can continually monitor and evaluate your employees’ overall performance through certain parameters like as Quality of work, Punctuality, Personal behavior, Attitude, Timely Delivery of Work, Presentation Skills, Work Efficiency and various other employee performance metrics.

Motivating and Empowering People

GSN is the company that stands for innovation, optimism, and above all for WOMEN. GSN believes in empowering and motivating people, especially the women community by allowing them to balance family and career, by offering them opportunities of various types and expand their expertise and skills. Our career portal offers women with a variety of job opportunities with an objective to bridge the gender workforce disparities. So, let’s join hands to motivate and empower the capable efficient women.

Organizing People

We facilitate processes in which employees with diverse and competing interests and employees with common interests collaborate to reach the goal and mission of your organization. In short, we help in organizing people/employees of your company so that they understand their purpose and they can connect to their job, department and your company’s purpose.

Recruiting a Dream Candidate

Do you have problem finding your dream candidate for your organization? Please let us know what you are looking for and our team of experts will find the right candidate for your business from our database of registered professionals. It is always better to get the right candidate for the right job. So, let us help you to recruit your dream candidate.

Looking for women professionals? Send your job requirement to us. We help you to choose the perfect candidate.

How can a working woman include nutrition in her daily diet? Let us help you maintain a healthy work-life balance

The health of a woman determines the health and well-being of our society. A healthy mother or a healthy wife makes way for a healthy family. But, in most cases, the health of the woman of the house gets neglected, while she takes care of other members in the family. It is very essential for a woman to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and balanced diet.

Are you facing any problems in your lifestyle related to your health and nutrition? Let us help you

To make sure that you get all the nutrition, you have to include fish, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, quality protein, healthy fats in your food. And for a working mom, who is always on her toes, looking after her work and family, a nutritious diet is very essential. Come, join us. Let us help you maintain a health lifestyle with a good diet, while you work at office or at home.

Join Work-Life Balance Program for Women


Start your Own Candle Making Business. Join to Know More

You never know when a hobby of yours can be turned into a business. You never know when a passion of yours can be turned into your career. You never know when how a small training of learning a new craft can help you to start your own venture. Come, let us help you!!!

Women Entprenuership Candle making workshop from home, a reputed career and community platform, has always worked for the benefit of the women community. This is an online platform where we give women a platform to learn and grow. This online community is open to all women who are willing to do something in life, create their own identity, earn and run their families, and maintain a perfect balance between home and work. Considering the fact that there is no end to learning, GSN has introduced a number of online training programs for women, which can be undertaken from the comforts of your home.

Candle making entrepreneurship training

Have you ever wondered how you can start your own venture by learning candle making? To start a business, you first need to learn the appropriate skills for candle making. Before you launch a business, hone your skills and get comfortable with the candle-making process. GSN offers candle making training, along with online entrepreneurship training, which will help an aspiring entrepreneur to start her own business.


How to join?

  • First of all, be a registered member at
  • Click on the Training tab
  • Or directly visit Work from home training programs
  • Check Candle Making Hobby Or Serious Business
  • Click on Connect Mentor Online
  • Pay a nominal fee
  • Connect with well-experienced Candle Trainer Anjita S, who will provide you all the help and support to start learning candle making.

About Anjita Sinha: Your Mentor in Candle making

Anjita Sinha, a wife and a mother, made candles as a hobby for years. But, few years back, she turned it into a home-based business. Today, she is not only a successful entrepreneur in candle making but also an experienced and skilled trainer on the craft. She has conducted a number of candle making training workshops for the benefit of the women community. She is an entrepreneur, a mompreneur, a mentor and a trainer!!! You can also follow her footsteps and start your own venture.

Candle making: One of the best small businesses you can start with

You learn the basics of Candle Making with our mentor Anjita. You learn to make candles of different shapes and sizes, of different fragrances. This can be a new hobby of yours or you can transform this new skill into a home-based business.

How will you be benefited?

  • You can be your own boss
  • You have the freedom to do something which you actually enjoy
  • Low start-up cost
  • Easy to start. You can use a small space in your home for candle making
  • You build something of your own
  • Get more time with your family
  • Determine your own schedule and daily activities
  • A lucrative business with good returns

Many women nowadays love the perks of an entrepreneurial life and is there to assist you in this. If you are passionate about doing something of your own, if you are motivated learner and ready to learn and grow, you are sure to be successful in life.

For more details, visit Or connect with us at 09266660121