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While we see today Indian women being engaged in various aspects of economic development through education, media, art and culture, sports, politics, services, and science and technology, at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that women are still being victimized, humiliated, and exploited. The deep-rooted patriarchal mentality in the society still remains. Fifty percent of our country’s population is women. Indian women, directly or indirectly, make a contribution to the economic parameters of the nation. However, since time immemorial, most of the contributions of Indian women to the economy have not been accounted for and their humble and self-less services have always been taken for granted. And there are many women, who for some reasons or the other are not financially independent, in spite of being educated or skillful. That is the reason, we talk of women empowerment.

Introducing One Stop Career Portal Only for Women

Considering the need to recognize the role of women  fraternity in the country’s growth prospects and to involve the rural educated and un-educated females in the growth process along with the urban females, a unique job portal was launched in the year 2014. This is a job portal with the objective of giving jobs only to women, which they can do comfortably at home as per their convenience. In 3-years time, the GSN portal has earned the distinction of being one of the most promising job portals for women in 2017.

Introducing An Extended Initiative of GSN to Make Every Woman an Entrepreneur

Considering the fact that in rural and remote areas of the country where cultural bias, mobility restrictions, security, time limitations, lack of awareness often prevent women from taking their rightful place in the workforce,, a subsidiary concern of GSN, was launched in 2016. This platform was launched with the sole intention of tapping the hidden or inherent skills of Indian women, especially of the rural and town areas in a proper way. All women besides being experts at household duties are also skilled in something or the other, be it stitching, tailoring, knitting, painting, cooking, craft making, baking, pottery making and so on. But, these women do not get any chance to display their skills. It was with this intention, WIB was launched where women with any skill or hobby can showcase their talent, get a market place to display their products, sell and earn income for the family.

Both the portals are different from the rest…

A number of start-ups has joined in the bandwagon of providing jobs for women but GSN is different. While there are many job portals focussing on women employment for regular 9 to 5 jobs, and are more urban-centric focussing on urban educated women, GSN is the only portal which focuses on work-from-home jobs for women, providing jobs that women anywhere in India can do comfortably from home as per their convenience. This is a job portal designed exclusively for women. You offer jobs to those women who are not working at present, be they in urban cities or rural villages.

Both GSN and WIB plan to tap the skills of rural and urban Indian women, who may or may not be highly qualified and experienced and get them engaged in small jobs which they are comfortable with. WIB is the world’s first platform which empowers every woman having any skills. It’s the platform wherein every woman can be a business woman. Both the portals provide women with a means of earning a living, even if they are otherwise excluded from the traditional formal markets. The main objective of both the portals is to make all women empowered in the real sense.

Online Training Programs for Women

A woman being empowered means she knows the purpose of her life which she can cultivate all of herself and be responsible for her own happiness and choices. The main way to get more and more women be self-independent is to give them education, train them, give them a chance to unleash their skills, give them wonderful job opportunities, help them to earn and make them empowered. Considering the need for training and skill development, has also under its ambit  “Online Training Programs” for Women members. Be it digital marketing, online tutoring, entrepreneurship, fundamentals development, GSN offers online training modules for women to upgrade themselves and get jobs of their choice.

To sum up

In the coming years, the role of women in the growth of society will be of immense importance. While the number of modern educated and financially sound women is increasing, we also need to increase the number of women from the rural areas to be financially independent and empowered. The team of GSN and WIB aims to focus not only on urban non-working women but also women from even the remotest locations of our country. The mission is to make every woman empowered, in any phases and walks of life and in any parts of India.

Ajat Shatru, an industrial expert and a hardcore young enthusiastic professional, the CEO and Founder of GSN and WIB says, “We have a broad plan to go and touch lives of millions of women based out of different cities and villages not only in India, but also in the neighbouring countries. We have a short, mid and long term plans to achieve our goals. While our short term plan is to target all the major cities of India while making various jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities available to women, the long term plan is to support women sitting even at remotest locations across the globe.”

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom: Challenges Faced By Working Moms at Home and Office

There is no denying the fact Indian mothers have to fight challenges every day and when you are a working mom, your challenges are doubled, be it at home or at workplace. You might be in a high-profile position in a corporate firm but once you reach home, you are a mother and a wife and you are the person who is responsible for everything in the house. And how can you forget the expectations from you from your in-laws, your parents and extended family?

Cut to the past

Let’s first remember those days when you are not a mother but married and enjoying your work-life with dreams to rise up the corporate ladder. You have time for yourself …getting up in morning, enjoying your cup of tea, reading the morning news paper and then getting ready for going to work. You have time to reach office on time or maybe early. You have time to stay back at office for extra work. You have time to go for office tours. You have time to go for office parties. Once you are back home, if you do not feel like cooking, you order immediately from outside or both of you go out for dinner. In short, you are a working woman, with not much of obligations right now and enjoying your professional life.

Cut to the present

Now, let’s visualise your present situation. You are now a working mom. You have now your office and your baby/kid/young children to manage. Many of us face some frustrating situations as working moms at home and work.



Meet Delhi Based Entrepreneur Deepanjali Dalmia: Founder of Heyday, Eco-friendly Sanitary Pad Brand

She is Deepanjali Dalmia from Delhi. A Columbia University graduate in Economics and Psychology, she left her lucrative job as a financial consultant at Ernst & Young (New York) in 2015 only with the intention of starting something on her own in the personal hygiene sector. Her family thought that she would launch her own soap or detergent brand. Little did her family members knew that she wanted to create her own organic eco-friendly sanitary pad brand for all India women.

Deepanjali-Dalmia-women -entrepreneur

When she quit her job in 2015, she knew from the beginning that she will have to overcome many challenges. But, she was clear in one thing that once her product was launched, it would fill the huge gap that is seen in the menstrual hygiene segment. After 2 years of dedication and hard work, she finally set up her entrepreneurial firm “Heyday” in September 2017. It is a manufacturing firm which produces organic, eco-friendly sanitary pads for women. She is just 26 years old. At this young age, she had to fight against many society taboos to set up her organic firm and it was not so easy.

Deepanjali says, “I strongly believe that we have two homes — our bodies and the environment — and we must take care of both”.


Get a Breath of Fresh Air into Your Homes: 5 Popular Air Purifying Indoor Plants

A lot has been heard about pollution level going up in the city, and along with it comes various health issues like as asthma, cold, allergies, skin reactions etc. Not only the air outside, even the air that we breathe inside our homes is polluted. This can be due to many factors like as smoke from kitchen or cigarette, chemicals present on wall paints or even when we get things from outside, even the laundry detergent and fabric softener and so on.

Most of you must have already made up your mind to get an air purifier at home, right or you must have already purchased one? But, this is quite an expensive solution as a single air purifier will work best in only one room and so logically you will need to buy air-purifiers for each room.  So, being the woman of the house, start investing on an easy solution rather than on expensive ones. All you need is to get some air purifying indoor plants for your home and get a breath of fresh air into the rooms of your home. Infact, for each room, you can have a potted indoor plant.

How do plants help in air purification?


How SquadRun Is Helping Women Make Money From The Comfort Of Their Homes

Satabdi and Priyanka, two sisters originally from Tripura, beam with pride and confidence as they share their story of gaining financial independence by working from home.

It’s not rare when we come across women who are forgoing financial and professional independence because they are switching jobs, shifting to new cities, taking sabbaticals or have chosen to take charge when it comes to assuming the responsibility of well being for their children and family.

When Priyanka shifted to Delhi with her 1.5 year old son to help her husband continue with his higher studies, one thing she decided to not give up on was her professional growth. So while she stayed back to look after her son, she actively started looking for work from home opportunities. That’s when she found SquadRun.

GSN squadrun

Satabdi, Priyanka’s sister, has worked with top MNCs and has professional experience of being a student counsellor & trainer. But even after putting continuous effort in growing her career, she was unable to find fulfillment from her work. And that’s when Priyanka introduced her to SquadRun and to the fact that she has earned more than INR 1,30,000 just by completing simple tasks available on the app, from the comfort of our home.


Be a Direct Sales Associate with Royal Prestige Cookware: Work from Home and Be an Entrepreneur

Here is another chance for women to work according to their convenience and earn money. A profile which can give a woman to work in flexible timings, learn the trade of sales and marketing and enter the world of entrepreneurship with attractive earnings and incentives. Yes, we are taking about the position of Direct Sales Associate.

Role of a sales associate

Sales Associates are responsible for marketing or selling products in a very direct way. They interact with clients or customers so as to influence them to purchase specific products or services of a company. Usually, this profile is mainly considered to be a male oriented role and many women hesitate to take up this role, considering it to be a hectic job, moving from place to place selling products.

But how about a direct sales associate job profile exclusively meant for women?


Which is the Best Working Schedule for Moms? Check Out Alternative Working Schedules for Work for Home Moms

New moms who want to join back to work are nowadays weighing the various options available, and are more keen on opting for a flexible or alternative working schedules to make their lives easier. There are few organizations who are offering work flexibility choices for women so that they can maintain a perfect work-life balance. Such flexibility work schedules help a woman to give her a greater control over where, when, and how often she wishes to work.

We present below alternative working schedule ideas for work-from-home moms: 

Best working schedule for moms

 Flexible schedules: You set work hours for yourself and offer options like working from home or other remote locations to your employer. Your employer is more concerned that the work gets done in a timely professional manner, rather than being concerned about how many individual hours you devote to the work.


How to Regain your Self-Confidence? Some Simple Tips to be a Stronger You

A woman is always considered as a multi-tasker – managing home, work, kids, family. But, inspite of the fact that she is handling everything perfectly, there are situations in life when she loses her confidence in herself. There are times, when she feels that she is good for nothing, she is useless, not being able to do anything for herself or for her family and so on. Why does she lose her self-confidence? There are many situations in home and work that make one lose her self-esteem. For instances:

  • She left her job, wants to restart again but there is a gap of experience and she feels that she won’t be able to join back.
  • She has constantly been criticised, may be for her cooking or her style or on anything by her husband or in-laws or anyone in the family.
  • Body shaming also leads to poor self esteem.
  • She is a mom, constantly busy with her baby but her husband keeps on nagging her for not contributing to the household expenses. She loses her confidence.

These are just few of such situations in life which compel a woman to have doubts on herself and her capability. She loses confidence in herself, and hesitates to move forward and do well in life. This article is going to give you some tips and ideas about what you can do to regain your self- confidence. Remember, losing self-confidence is just a temporary phase in life, which you need to help yourself to regain back.

Regain your self confidence

Some Simple Tips to be a Stronger You

(more…) India’s Unique Job Portal for Women Offering Work from Home Jobs was incepted in the year 2014 as the only job portal in the country to provide wonderful work-from-home opportunities and part-time job opportunities for women, which they can do conveniently from their home and earn money.


The basic objective behind the launch of this job portal is that it wants women of India from all nooks and corners of the country, from all walks and phases of life to be empowered, self-financed and independent.

The Need…

In India, 50% of our population comprises women. According to a World Bank report, India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce. It is reported that the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce. While we see women have made remarkable mark in various fields, be in politics, science, technology, music, art, literature, education, sports, and others, however, this comprises a very small percentage of Indian women population.  Indian women do make a contribution to the economic parameters of the nation but most of their contributions to the economy have not been accounted for.  And we see a huge number of educated young girls giving up their professional career for family obligations, for looking after kids, in-laws, or for other issues. We have seen under many circumstances, women tend to give up their passion, dreams, professional lives only to remain as a “housewife”.  So, in India, a huge section of women population is financially dependent on others, as a result of which we can say that they are not empowered.

Women empowerment through

While all others talk of women empowerment, Ajat Shatru, the young dynamic industrialist and CEO of has actually made women empowerment possible with the launch of this job portal. This is a job portal which caters to only jobs that can be done from home.  It is a portal which has more than 5 lakh registrations of women professionals of various skills, background, education and experience who are looking for wonderful work-from-home opportunities. It is a portal with a database of more than 500 eminent employers who are actually looking from women professionals that can work-from-home. And, it also provides online training on various skills for women to upgrade themselves and look for better job opportunities.

business opportunities

Start your own business…

Along with, Ajat Shatru launched a sister concern Women in Business in 2016. There are many women in the country, who are talented and skilful but their skills remain hidden within themselves. Keeping in mind this section of our society, was launched. This portal is launched with the objective of helping women to launch their own business. Any woman with her hobby or skill or talent, right from designing to baking to craft making to painting can now be an entrepreneur. All they need is to register on the site, display their products, get them sold online and earn money.

business opportunities

Wonderful jobs and business opportunities for women 

Both and are conceived to touch the lakhs of Indian women who are not working at present and have the desire to work and earn. Whether you are housewife or a new mom, whether you are presently working or not working, whether you are a retired professional or a fresh graduate, you will find a whole range of work-from-home opportunities, part-time, flexible jobs by registering at Similarly, if you have the desire to start something of your own, if you feel that your skill can be utilised in a better way, and you want to be an entrepreneur, then register on the site This is the right platform where in women who are not working at present can get jobs of their choice, be they in urban towns and cities or remote rural villages, and earn a decent income for the family.

The unique concept of this platform to offer ample part-time, flexible and work-from-home job opportunities for women has made this portal a reliable and popular one within a very short frame of time. In 2017, was designated as one of the most promising job portals for women. It follows a professional approach towards women empowerment..

Tele Calling Jobs for Women: Call and Earn From Home

In the age of today’s highly competitive markets, the thumb rule to be successful is to make new customers and retain the existing ones. Here, the role of telecalling executives becomes very important as it is the responsibility of the telecalling executives to make calls to the existing and prospective customers and generate leads for the business. Every business, brand, product, services need to be informed to the end users and one best way to do this is to call them and inform them. Telecallers work as either marketing/sales agents or as customer care agents. The telecalling job of a sales agent is to make calls to customers to sell goods and services, while customer care agents attend to customers’ queries related to the goods and services.

Few years back, BPOs or call centers in India were on a hiring spree for telecallers and it was one of the most popular jobs for young boys and girls. However, today, the situation is slightly different. This has become one of the most favorable jobs for women and young girls. Many organizations prefer to hire only female candidates for this profile. Telecalling jobs have become very popular among housewives. Many organizations hire women to work-from-home for few hours as telecallers. Home-based telecalling has become very popular.

Requirements to be a Telecaller

  • Preferably a graduate
  • Knowledge on computer and handling spreadsheets to maintain the records
  • Good communication skills
  • Good marketing skills

flexible jobs

Work from Home Telecaller Jobs for Women

When you work from home as a telecaller, your profile is mainly in the role of a marketing or sales agent and not as a customer care agent. Depending on the type of industry in which you are engaged in, the roles will vary. But, the basic objective remains the same: to make calls to the existing and new customers and generate leads for the business. Many organizations provide training for the job. You work at your free time and earn money. This has become one of the best part time jobs for moms.

Some popular telecalling jobs are available in the travel and tourism sector, in the HR industry, in hospitality sector, health care sector and so on.

When you join as a telecaller and work from home, keep a note of the following in order to be successful:

  • First of all, set aside few hours for yourself just for this job
  • You need a space for yourself to call and maintain the records
  • Make sure there is no disturbance at the background
  • Get a clear idea and basic objective of calling a person
  • You will be provided with the list of clients that you need to call
  • Be persistent in your work. You might come across rude customers while calling but you need to be patient and handle the situation tactfully.
  • Be very courteous and polite while giving introduction of yourself and your company.
  • If a customer does not want to speak to you at that moment, be polite, fix up another appointment. This shows the respect you have for the person.
  • Before calling, make a list of questions.
  • Don’t speak too fast
  • Be confident while speaking
  • Last but not the least, close the call in a proper way to keep a relationship or for making a second call in the near future.