Work Part Time Earn Extra! Be Independent with GharseNaukri

Unless you are born with a silver spoon, making ends meet might be your whole time occupation as a housewife.  Things only get worse if you belong to the middle or lower middle class of society. Many times you must have considered doing a part time job. But there is a hitch in it. Firstly, such jobs are not easily available and secondly, doing a job also means being away from house responsibilities and children and for many women, it is not an option at all. (more…)

Bored Housewives now have an Opportunity to Work from Home

So you are a housewife who has chosen to sacrifice a career and stay at home for the sake of bringing up your children. That’s absolutely marvelous and very thoughtful of you.  However, we are sure that while you are all alone at home and when your hubby is at office and children are at school, you surely wish that you had something you could do in these ‘in-between’ free times to keep yourself busy and earn at the same time. (more…)

Best Jobs for Freelancers and Stay at Home Moms GharseNaukri

Statistics say, almost 60% of Indian women quit their job after marriage or after childbirth. Reasons for this can vary from person to person. Sometimes it is the women’s own free will and sometimes the family imposes the restriction. Even if a women does continue to work after marriage, after childbirth, most of them certainly quit the job and decide to be ‘stay-at-home’ moms.  Till recently, being at home invariably meant being a housewife or a homemaker only. (more…)

Women can now Work from the Comfort of their Homes

Indian society has seen a sea change in the last two decades and women have succeeded in making their considerable presence felt in every professional field. They are becoming CEOs and high-ranking executives in top organizations. They have proven that if given an opportunity, they can be as effective as men in any professional capacity. Today we can find women in hospitals, manufacturing industries, financial sector, BPOs, MNCs, schools, bureaucracy, judiciary, software industry, journalism and defense services etc. (more…)

Stay Home to spend time with your Kids and also Keep the Professional in you Alive

So you have decided to quit a job and stay at home because you need to be with your growing kids. That is great and probably the best thing for your kids and for your family. However, these are modern times we are living in, and being at home certainly does not mean being off the jobs radar too. There are many jobs you can do from home and keep the professional in you alive as well as make a decent earning. “GharSeNaukri” is one job (more…)

Tired of Retirement? Become a Freelancer with GharSeNaukri

Organizations may have an age of retirement but there is no cut-off age in life that stops anyone from doing a job until the person is healthy and fit. If you are a woman who has recently retired, you have every right to be at home and enjoy the goodies of life after retirement. However, if you are someone who is still feeling active enough to take up a job, and are tired and bored with retirement, then you must explore the golden opportunity of doing “GharSeNaukri”. (more…)

Work as a Part Time Tutor from Home

If you are a college going girl, a married lady or a retired woman, who is exploring possibilities of working from your home from then one of the best way of doing so, is by becoming a tutor. No matter where you live, a big city or a small town, parents all over India are paying great attention towards their studying children these days. They want them to do the best to succeed in today’s highly competitive job world. Of course, in every city (more…)

Planning not to Work Full Time after Child Birth? Then GharSeNaukri is the Answer

Congratulations to you on becoming a proud mom or a proud mom to be! It’s the greatest experience any woman can have. Unlike in west, Indian women are more family-oriented than being career conscious. So chances are you wouldn’t be planning to work soon in near future. Not at least for next two or three years till your little wonder is old enough to be taken care of by other family members. (more…)

Balance Domestic Responsibilities and Work Part Time with GharSeNaukri

The great thing about Indian girls and women is that they are multi-talented. It is in our culture to teach the female child many skills which we normally don’t teach to the male child. Why it is so, is a separate topic and we wouldn’t discuss that here. However the fact is, even today an average Indian woman does possess countless vocational skills like (more…)

Think you can be a Content Writer? GharseNaukri offers Part Time jobs for women

If you are housewife, a college girl or even a working lady who has enough time at hand to spare after work, there is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to earn good money by being a content writer. “GharSeNaukri” is marvelous concept that helps women of all ages find jobs as per their skills and knowledge and an opportunity to work from their homes. (more…)