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An Open Letter to Menfolk: Encourage Her When She Wants to Start Something of her Own

Letter 2: Different ways by which men can encourage their wives in their business

Hey Menfolk!!!

As promised, here is another letter to all men out there to find here different ways to encourage their wives. Incase if you have missed my first letter, have a look hereAn Open Letter to Menfolk: Love, Respect and Appreciate” Her

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My second letter is how to encourage the woman in your life if she wants to start something of her own….

So how do you start?

Just imagine a situation. Your kids have just left for school and you are  busy reading the morning newspaper along with sipping a hot cup of tea, dutifully given to you by your loving wife. Just them, your wife pops up a question, “Dear, I am getting bored staying at home. Can I do something to keep myself busy? Can I start something of my own, may be a small business?”

So, what will be your instant reaction? Maybe you will laugh it off or maybe you will give a serious thought. If you are a progressive, forward-looking husband, I believe you will give her a positive response. If not, then ofcourse, you will discourage her and ignore the whole matter. I presume that you belong to the first category of men, men who encourages women in their path to freedom and empowerment.

She has popped her idea to you and now is the time to help her fulfill it. Here, I give you some simple ways to encourage your wife in her business:

Follow her Progress

She is constantly talking about her new project she wants to pursue. Pay attention to her dreams and aspirations. Ask her what she needs, how far she has started and how you can help her. Maybe you can help her make the business plan, maybe you can talk to your colleagues and friends to promote her business. Least you can do is to help her with finances for her initial investment. Showing her that you are interested in her world will inspire her to do her best.

Encourage her with words

Sometimes you take her for granted. Words can have great impact on our loved ones and could inspire and uplift them. So, instead of belittle her or making fun of her, inspire her with motivating and encouraging words.

Give her support with time and space when it is needed

Sometimes giving your wife the time and space she requires is more than enough to show her how much you want her to succeed. She is starting something on her own and at the same tome she has demands at home front too. The least you can do is to help the kids at home so that she can have more time for her business.

Don’t belittle her

If for some reasons, her business is a failure, then, do not discourage her. Do not belittle her by saying she is a failure, she cannot run a business, she is good for nothing and so on. Infact, make her realize that she is capable for more. Encourage her to let go of her fear and to start all over again.

Be a good listener

Be available when she needs you. If she has some ideas, listen, examine and analyze her ideas and thoughts, and then give your opinion. Sometimes she just needs someone to recognize the dream in her, especially when she can’t see it herself.

Help her to keep a track of her goal

Does your wife have some goals or resolutions of her business that she is struggling to meet? Don’t be the nagging husband just to remind her of what a bad job she is doing. Instead, find a loving and gentle way to inspire her to action and also keep her accountable.

Celebrate her successes, whether big or small

She has cracked her first business deal. Celebrate her success, whether small or big. Such successes keep her energized and enthusiastic. Inspire your wife to reach higher success in everything she does.

Be real and authentic

Last but not the least, be real and authentic. You don’t have to praise her just for the sake of praising her. If you feel that she lacks some quality which is required for her to be successful in her business, don’t hesitate to tell her. Tell her her drawbacks in a positive way so that she is encouraged to change for the better.

Such simple ways of encouraging can help a lot in improving your relationship with your spouse and her her to realize her dreams.

Wait for my next letter soon. Till then, keep on encouraging your wife…

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