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Online Mentoring: The Upcoming Work-from-home Job for Housewives

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Mentoring is a structured and supportive method through which mentees get advices, tips, help and guidance to develop their skills and achieve their goals with the help of a mentor.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a very popular concept nowadays. Right from education and career mentoring to relationships mentoring to counseling on any other issues, there is the constant need of mentoring, especially for the young generation of today’s age. In the corporate world, mentoring is a common practice. It is the mentor’s job to prepare a mentee for the job, to give feedback and to improve his or her performance.

What is Online Mentoring?

A safe and secured online platform for mentoring is nowadays the latest trend. The mentees communicate with their mentors online, and this is referred as online mentoring.

Nowadays, the concept of online mentoring is fast coming up, not only in the Corporate sector but also in other areas. You can provide mentoring through online resources from home, instead of providing the same in an office set up. Hence, online mentoring has become very popular as a job for housewives at home.

Role of an Online Mentor

Mentors provide guidance to mentees regarding their careers, and everything related to it. They can guide them to focus, to achieve succees, to know their strengths and weaknesses through detailed feedback time-to-time.  Not only on career, mentoring is also needed for guidance and advice on lives’ problems and other issues.

Online Mentoring Methodology

The online interaction between mentors and mentees in online mentoring is through emails, online chats, video calling platforms. While face-to-face mentoring generally allows only one mentor and mentee to interact, in case of an online mentoring session, group sessions can also be conducted.

Also, most participants feel that online mentoring is more successful and transparent because both the groups are true to each other as they do not see each other. Hence, the mentees are more comfortable disclosing their problems and the online mentors can also be direct and honest in their approach and instead of giving diplomatically correct answers.

Online mentoring is not very time consuming. Online mentors can save cost and the time spent traveling and setting up meetings by simply working from home


Why not join GharSeNaukri.com as an Online Mentor?

Women are great mentors by their very nature. They can understand an issue or any situation through both logical and emotional intelligence, and of course life experiences. Female mentors can be more co-operative and intuitive. Hence, women can be good online mentors.

Join as Mentors with us. Share your experiences and empower other women of our community. Your skills, your ideas, your experiences can be of great help to women who want to start something new or who want to grow in their career or business. Through effective communication, counseling and advice, mentors in our platform can shape and change the quality of lives of many. For details, check out Mentoring by Experts


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