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Nutritionist Profession: A Perfect Work from Home Job or a Part-time Job for a Woman

Nutritionist Profession: A Perfect Work from Home Job or a Part-time Job for a Woman
In today’s age of stress, competition, sedentary lifestyle, irregular food habits, irregular sleep, food adulteration, our body is affected a lot. We may look physically very sound and fit but from inside we do not how our health is affected. One proper way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a proper balanced diet, comprising all the essential requirements of the body in the right proportion. We keep on reading and hearing stuff on healthy diet but when it comes to actually preparing and maintaining proper diet chart, we get confused and at times, we end up eating the wrong things, considering them to be healthy. This, in turn, affects our health more in the long run. This is where the role of a nutritionist comes into importance. A nutritionist evaluates your diet, health, and offers you personalized advice on proper diet to increase or decrease weight or to manage a healthy health. Today, a career as a nutritionist has become very popular as there is a requirement of a nutritionist by many, whether at an individual level or in the health industry as a whole.
Qualifications requirement
If you are a graduate or BSc degree holder in Nutrition, Home Science, Food Technology or a post-graduate diploma holder in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition or a Masters in Food & Nutrition, you can very easily become a nutritionist. It is highly recommended to pursue your post graduation to get an advantage over others in the job market.
Career scope
As a nutritionist, you can join as a clinical nutritionist, where you work in hospitals, nursing homes. You can be a pediatric nutritionist to work with children of all age groups, you can be sports nutritionist to work with various sports clubs, sports hostels, and athletic teams to guide the players with proper diet. There are chances of you to work in Government’s Research and Development organizations to research the quality and nutritional values of food items. You can also join private FMCG companies. You can also be an educationist.
Nutritionist profession: A perfect work from home job or a part-time job for a woman
Though, this profession is for both men and women, but it is more of a female dominated job. The reason being, women generally are more concerned about health, healthy food, tasty and nutritional food, and hence are the best advisors. So when there is a professional degree, it becomes all the more easy for a woman to give proper counseling. This is one profession which gives opportunities for women to work as per their convenience. The employment opportunities for a nutritionist can be flexible, part-time as they can work in a variety of work environments like clinics, hospitals, public health, and also in educational institutions. They have flexible hours and can also choose to work full or part-time. You can also work-from-home as a nutritionist. You can start your own private practice. Set up a clinic at your own home and provide your service for fixed few hours in a day. Nowadays, online consultations have also become popular. You can also give consultations to your client via Skype, Whatsapp, FB Messenger etc. You don’t need to step out of your home to practice your profession as a nutritionist.
How to apply as a Nutritionist at GharSeNaukri.com?
GharSeNaukri.com is a career portal, exclusively designed for women professionals who are looking for work-from-home jobs, part-time or flexible jobs. If you are a nutritionist, whether fresher or experienced, and in look out for a work-from-home opportunity, register on the site GharSeNaukri.com, upload your resume, search for jobs as nutritionist and apply for the same.
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