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Move Over Green Tea…Its Time for Matcha Green Tea from HEALTHY-FIT

Matcha Green Tea Healthy Fit
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Well, sipping a cup of green tea early morning has become a regular norm for many, irrespective of the fact that whether you like the taste or not. Green tea is popular because it has a number of health benefits associated with it. Now, how about having a different variation of Green tea, which is very tasty and very healthy, and more powerful than the regular Green tea?

Introducing Matcha Green Tea from the exclusive brand  “HEALTHY-FIT”

A delicious cup of Matcha Tea filled with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins is the perfect way to start your day with!!!

What makes Matcha Tea different from Green Tea?

Both matcha and green tea are derived from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis and have their origin from the traditional lands of Japan. The difference here is while green tea leaves are available in the form of a tea bag, we find matcha tea in powder form. Thus, Matcha is  100% green tea leaves ground into a fine powder, much more concentrated than regular green tea, with better taste and more health benefits. Experts say that the whole tea leaf is consumed when you drink a cup of Matcha tea by HEALTHY FIT.  This tea has 136 times more antioxidants than the Green tea, providing health benefits and energy to the consumers equal to 10-12 cups of green tea per serving.

Health Benefits of HEALTHY-FIT Matcha Green Tea

Let us now check out the health benefits of Matcha Tea:

  • Is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins
  • Is rich in fiber and chlorophyll
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boosts concentration and memory
  • Burns calories and helps in weight loss
  • Detoxifies the body effectively and naturally
  • Keeps the mind calm and relaxes the body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases endurance and energy
  • It helps in fighting against cancer as it has a mega -dose of cancer-fighting EGCg in every serving
  • Keeps the body healthy and disease free and many more such health benefits

Why Matcha Green Tea from HEALTHY-FIT?

HEALTHY-FIT is the brand associated with making India a “Healthy India” with its naturally produced Matcha Green Tea. The brand makes sure that it provides to its customers the best of everything in terms of taste, flavor and health benefits.  The HEALTHY-FIT Matcha tea comes in a premium pack, regular pack with flavors as follows:

  • Regular Matcha
  • Peppermint flavor Matcha
  • Cinnamon flavor Matcha

HEALTHY-FIT is actually a mission of taking a step towards Healthy India. A refreshing cup of intensely pure Matcha Green tea from HEALTHY-FIT provides you with an instant and stimulating healthy boost to your day. Make your cup of HEALTHY-FIT Matcha tea every morning, at any time of the day or as a soothing night drink, and get your daily dose of nutrition at that very moment.

For any Queries, contact:-8860125221 or mail at: info@healthyfitproducts.com or visit www.healthyfitproducts.com.




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