On this Mother’s Day, Make Some Resolutions for Yourself: Quick 20 Mother’s Day Resolutions for a Better “You”

On this Mother’s Day, Make some resolutions for yourself…Yes, am taking about the mothers. Enough of your duties and responsibilities for your family and kids!!! These are never-ending and these are thankless jobs. Keep on doing your daily chores but at the same time, think about “YOU” as an individual, as an independent person with your own likes, dislikes, agreements or disagreements. Stop playing the role of a submissive woman. Come forward, be assertive and think about your empowerment and independence. Make some commitments to accomplish your goals in life.

Happy Mothers Day

Let this Mothers Day Begin with New Hopes: Quick 20 Resolutions for a Better “You”

  1. You don’t need to be the perfect mom….but yes you can be the “better mom”
  2. You don’t need to please anyone. Come on, you are not a robot to do whatever everyone wishes to.
  3. Stay fit. This is an absolute must. While you take care of your family, don’t forget to take care of your health. When is the last time, did you go for a full body check up? Get it done immediately.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: join a gym, exercise, eat healthy, stay active
  6. Drink less, Quit smoking
  7. Sleep. Remember, you need that 8 hours of sleep everyday.
  8. Take up a new hobby or learn a new craft. You never know when your hobby can turn into a business. Get trained online for your empowerment.
  9. Get a job. You need to be financially independent. You don’t need to rely on your husband’s money all the time. You can earn while you work from home. Try it once.
  10. Try to say “NO”. No one can take you for granted. No means No.
  11. Exercise your mind too. Read books, listen to music, do yoga and meditate
  12. Enjoy Life. Stop taking tension and too much of stress. Things which are destined to happen will happen, you cannot stop them. So stop worrying and enjoy life as much as possible.
  13. Have Patience. Now, stop yelling at your child if he has broken down your favorite vase. Be patient. Be quiet more, respond less.
  14. Listen to your child: Don’t ignore your child’s queries even if you are super-duper busy. Give time to your children, inspite of your busy schedule.
  15. Plan that long awaited break. No, you don’t have to go out with your family. Plan a “solo vacation” or plan a “girls’ only” trip and see how confident you return.
  16. Spend time with your husband. Find some time to spend with your husband too. Get dressed up beautifully once in a while and treat yourself to a fancy dinner and drink date with your husband.
  17. Spend time with your friends. Your kids will leave your nest, your husband will be busy with his work and friends. What about you? Catch up with your friends, keep in touch with them. This bonding will help you when you grow old and you need company.
  18. Get Help. I know all moms consider themselves to be supermoms. Stop being a supermom. A cook or a nanny or a maid…. don’t hesitate to get help. You need it.
  19.  Take dinner with the entire family. Now, don’t try to play the role of a sacrificing mother “You eat first, I will eat later”. A family which eats together stays together. Set the table, put the mobile off, turn the TV off, and sit down to have dinner with the entire family.
  20. Pray and be positive. Last but not the least, stay positive even when you are going through a rough time. Don’t complain, bear it. Try to find the silver lining in a worse situation and leave everything to God. Pray. Prayers work to let you remain strong and positive.

Wishing all the beautiful Mothers in the world a Very Happy Mother’s Day

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