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Mothers Day Picture Special at GharSeNaukri.com, a Huge Success

Women Empowerment

We observe a special day for our moms every year and that’s called the “Mother’s Day”. Logically speaking, every day is a mom’s day, and she needs to be loved and appreciated every day. Yet, when it comes to a special day, there is the need for giving her a special treatment, that she really deserves.

Considering this fact in mind, GharSeNaukri.com, the largest career and community platform for women, on the occasion of Mother’s Day had organized a mom’s picture special event with the hashtag #mothersdaypicturespecial on their FaceBook page by the same name gharsenaukri.

The event was a huge success when a good number of mothers all across India participated. We had mothers joining us from all sections: Working moms, work from home moms, stay-at-home moms, mompreneurs, and single moms. There were also few young female professionals and students who had lovely messages to share for their moms on the special occasion of Mother’s Day.

Each mom had a small story to share with us related to her experience on motherhood, how does it feel to be a mom, how does it feel to give a backseat to a career because of being a mother, how moms spend time with their kids, how some moms work from home, how some moms are balancing their work and home, and so on.

The best part of the event is that these are not our celebrity moms about whom we read or see in social media or any other platforms. These are our regular moms, just like any other moms with whom you can relate to in our everyday lives.

She is a working mom who is managing her home, work, and kids,

She is a stay-at-home mom who gave up her career to be in a full-fledged motherhood role.

She is a strong single mom playing the role of both a father and mother to her kids.

She is a work from home mom to maintain a perfect work-life balance.

And she is a mompreneur too, purely because she has the skills and talent and aspirations to do so.

Thus, there is no denying the fact a mother plays multiple roles in one’s life. She is a multi-tasker without whom the foundation of the house cannot be built. She is the one who transforms a house into a “home”. She needs to loved, respected and appreciated every day.

For every mom who joined us, one thing was clear,

“A mother’s happiness is related directly to the happiness of her kids and her family”

We salute all moms and thank them for being a part of GharSeNaukri.com’s #mothersdaypicturespecial event. GharSeNaukri.com plans to organize more such activities on their Facebook page from time-to-time.

For #mothersdaypicturespecial posts, kindly check on FaceBook page GharSeNaukri


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