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An Open Letter to Menfolk: Love, Respect and Appreciate Her

Love, Respect and Appreciate Her

Letter 1: Different Ways for Men to Communicate with Their Wives

Hey Menfolk !!!

This is no doubt a woman blog with tips and suggestions for a woman, a wife, a mother to start or restart a career, to be financially independent, and be empowered. But, then, there is no denying the fact that a woman can do many things in life if she gets support, encouragement and motivation from the man in her life. What she requires is “love, respect, and appreciation” from her man and this itself can help her in many ways.

So, I begin this series of letters for men to encourage their wives in many ways. I begin with my first letter: Different Ways for Men to Communicate with Their Wives

Simple words or acts of communication can play a significant role in bringing a change in your relationship. So, let’s see how you can encourage your wife by simply communicating with her in a better way.

Love, Respect and Appreciate Her

I Respect You!

A woman needs both love and respect. Here are some easy ways to communicate respect to your woman:

  • Ask her opinion and listen to what she has to say
  • Even if you disagree with her, respond without arguing with her
  • Don’t put her down in front of your parents, friends and relatives
  • Try not to make fun of her in public
  • Don’t belittle her in front of your children
  • Don’t try to control her
  • Encourage her

I Appreciate you as a Woman!

A woman needs appreciation for what she does to her family. Here are some easy ways to communicate appreciation to your woman:

  • Appreciate her for her cooking skills
  • Appreciate her patience in handling you and the kids
  • Appreciate her for the love and respect she shows to your parents
  • Appreciate her for her qualities, may be her wisdom, her honesty, her simplicity, her intelligence, her compassionate ways of dealing with people, or her strength. You know her qualities more than the others.

I Love You

When is the last time you said these three magical words to your better-half? These three words can do wonders in your life that you can even imagine.

  • Tell her, “I will always love you”
  • Give her a warm hug after coming back from home
  • Send her text message or WhatsApp her during the day to show that you care for her
  • Buy her a little gift that she will really enjoy. Don’t wait for her birthday or anniversary
  • Do some work for her like as making her favorite meal, helping her set the dining table or the bed
  • Spend time with her doing what she loves to do, may be, watching a movie with her or going with her for shopping and so on

Such simple words of communication or simple acts can improve your relationship with the woman in your life and also help her to retain her self-esteem. Love, Respect and Appreciate her.

More on this in my next letter soon…

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