Meet Rajlakshmi D Borthakur, Founder and CEO of TerraBlue XT, a Social Entrepreneur with a Difference

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Her name is Rajlakshmi Borthakur. She is a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur, originally from Assam. In the recently concluded Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Bangalore, Ivanka Trump, in her inaugural address, specifically mentioned three businesswomen who represented the ambition, vision, and determination of every woman entrepreneur in the world. One of them is an Indian and she is none other than Rajlakshmi Borthakur.

Let us know more about this promising entrepreneur of India

She is not an engineer by profession. But her invention is something that only an engineer can think of. She had 18 years of experience in the IT industry and was involved in training, programming and writing. But she left her job to start her own entrepreneurial venture to manufacture a device that can help epilepsy patients and caretakers. She is the Founder and CEO of TerraBlue XT and is known as a social entrepreneur with a difference.

Her invention and entrepreneurial venture

It was not easy for her to start her venture. She had a secured job. But she was also a mother, a mother of an epileptic child, whose epilepsy attacks used to disturb her a lot. At times, her son had those attacks when no one was at home and there was nothing to help her detect the seizure before it was too late. As a mother, her prime concern was her son. Thus, she left her job and started spending time doing research on epilepsy, how can it be controlled, how can it be forewarned and so on.

This led to the invention of TJay Gloves, named after her son Tejas. TJay gloves are not ordinary gloves. These are smart gloves that predict epilepsy seizures before they happen. These are designed in such a way that these can track blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and brainwave activity of the patient and can give a signal as to when the next seizure can take place.

Also, through TerraBlue XT’s telemedicine platform, epileptic patients and their families can connect with popular neurosurgeons and medical experts from different parts of India for treatment and counselling via teleconference with prominent. Raji’s company TerraBlue aims to make specialty healthcare accessible even in remote places of India.

In her own words, “TerraBlue XT is special because it reminds me, and all of us who work here, that beyond every dark cloud there actually is a silver lining, a strand of hope.”

She was given a standing ovation by the audience at the Summit. Ivanka Trump applauded her saying, “Rajlakshmi your courage and determination is truly remarkable.”

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