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Meena running her business @GharSe in True Sense

Women Entrepreneur with GharSeNaukri.com
Women Entrepreneur with GharSeNaukri.com

One of the interesting pieces of handicrafts you will find on this website is the varieties of Rakhi. Now, making a Rakhi required a lot of creative skills, since the more colorful and meaningful each one is, the more it will fetch customers. Raksha Bandhan or the day when a sister ties the Rakhi on her brother’s hand for the latter’s protection and well being is one of the most popular festivals across India. As a result, many women are found making rakhis at their home as a part of their profession for easy money. Since, most of the Indian women, especially from the lower income group have to spend most of their time behind household chores they can’t leave home on many occasions looking for extra income. As a result, they take up professions which they can commit to from home, and one of them is making Rakhi.


GharSeNaukri Rakhi Making Meena Indirapuram
GharSeNaukri Rakhi Making Meena Indirapuram

Take, for example, the story of Meena who sells her handmade Rakhi in the Delhi NCR Region. She has to take care of her family and at the same time has the urge to stand on her own feet. Since she is an expert in making Rakhi, she thought of turning this skill into her profession. She spends the morning doing her domestic chores and the rest of the day making Rakhis. Using her creativity and imagination power, she has created unique designs of Rakhi which have been well appreciated.
These women effort has found more exposure, thanks to the GharSeNaukri.com whose sole aim is to tap the potential of the millions of people who are great in handicrafts, thereby reviving the handicrafts industries as well as helping the women to become an entrepreneur by utilizing their skills. Millions of women like Meena and others who are local designers and artists have enrolled with this platform to become a home-based entrepreneur and can communicate with their customers directly through this website. As a result, they can promote their brand and at the same time preserve their cultures and values.

GharSeNaukri believes that the million of women in India who are still economically dependent on their husband or any other members of the family must learn to earn on their own. With a view to economically empower the womenfolk, GharSeNaukri has urged all the women to create something on their own by utilizing their skills. The Company then put up these products for sale which are otherwise not available easily. Although their main aim is customer satisfaction, they also make sure that they in no way deprive the million of women from their due. One can come up with any product to display and sell and that can be as simple and unique as a Rakhi. Other handicraft items which have been sold successfully consist of bags, pieces of jewellery, stoles, kurtas and other items of daily use.
So, if you want to be a part of reviving-the-handicrafts-of-India movement and at the same time make your ends meet, be a part of GharSeNaukri.com today.

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