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It’s Time to team Up Human Resource and Marketing: GharSeNaukri for HR Solutions

Marketing and human resources are usually considered two separate departments in an organisation but in reality, they are not as separate as you think to be. As a matter of fact, these two are the main departments in any organisation whose core functions are concerned with people. Both these departments need to attract and engage people in achieving the long term objectives of the organisation. A company needs to lure customers/clients to get decent sales numbers/profits, but getting the right talent in your company is also very essential to long-term success. For a long time, these two departments have been operating in a largely disconnected fashion but now it is time to team up HR and Marketing.

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Benefits of teaming of HR with Marketing

Adopting some marketing strategy in human resources in terms of positioning, promotion, and progress can play an important role in helping the HR to rise more in the coming years.

  • Positioning: An employer brand plays an important role in not only marketing your services and products but also to retain and recruit the best talents for the betterment of your organisation. Marketing your company is directly linked with the recruiting strategies, which is important, especially in the current economic scenario. But, without an accurate firm positioning, smart marketers never launch a campaign. HR partnering with marketing can help in positioning the employer brand which in turn provides more accurate results through a proven process and offers a great perspective for marketing the company as a great place to work.
  • Promotion: This strategy covers a social approach to recruiting and advocacy. It is high time now to resort more and more to social media to magnify your company’s culture. It is marketing which can provide the accurate explanation of how to do it and what benefits can be expected from it. Employer Branding is highly essential and the most popular method to do so is social media, which actually involves a complete marketing approach to promote your brand. Letting the company or the employer brand getting promoted through social media is a necessary foundation for attracting the best talent, compared to a company who doesn’t have social exposure and brand recognition. More the brand’s presence on-line, more is the chances of transforming employees and customers into a community of brand advocates.
  • Progress: Keeping up with change is essential for success. Markets change, and so do the expectations of the employees. So, with changes in employee expectations, the employer brand also needs to change and evolve. Besides offering great benefits to encourage employees’ retention, HR can move ahead of retention with predictive analytics based on hiring, shuffling and employee satisfaction. It is through marketing you can study and analyse these predictive analytics, get insights of other companies, their salary structures and policies, which can help to make impactful decisions and make continuous improvements in the organization.

To sum up

If as an employer, you allow some marketing strategy enter your HR world, the HR department will run a lot smoother in the coming years. The emerging marketing and HR model is a merged role that focuses on building long-term communities, where members can be a customer and employee at the same time, that support the objective of the firm at any given time.

 GharSeNaukri.com : Your Partner in HR Needs

We empower progressive organizations who believe in women empowerment and flexible work concept with results-oriented strategies and solutions. For details, check our employer page .

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