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How to Manage a Work-From-Home Job with a New-Born Baby?

You are a new mother. You are on a 6-month maternity leave which is almost over. But you have decided not to join back and instead you have opted for a work-from-home job. If you are lucky, your current organisation may support you and allow you to work-from-home. If not, there is nothing to lose hope. You can still do a flexible job from home, considering the fact that work-from-home opportunities are available now. Register on the portal GharSeNaukri.com
Apply for suitable work-from-home jobs that suit your requirement. Now that you have a job which you can do from home, the next big question is how to juggle between work and caring for a new born. Not to forget, there are other innumerable household chores at home too. No doubt, taking care of a new born is very exciting but at the same time it also drains your physical and emotional energy.
Let’s find out how a new mom can take care of her new-born baby along with her office work from home in an efficient manner.
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Some tips to manage work and household chores with a newborn:

  • Prioritise your work: Remember, your first priority is always your baby, who needs lot of attention almost all the time. You need to breast-feed your new-born time-to-time, change her nappy, make her sleep, hold her tight, cuddle her… you are your baby’s source of comfort. While other works in the house can be managed by other members in the family, no one can replace you as a “Mother” of your baby. So irrespective of what office works you have and what household chores to attend to, attending to the needs of your baby should be your main priority right now.
  • Find out your baby’s longest napping time: When you work-from-home, the best time is to do your work when the baby sleeps. Identify your baby’s longest napping time, though usually all newborns have very have short naps during the daytime. But, if you observe closely, you will notice a pattern in her nap time. Keep a track of this. You can use that long nap time to do your office work. And since you are working from home, you can use both day and evening nap time of your baby as your office hours.
  • Get a work-from-home job as per your convenience: Now that you have decided to work while your baby is still very small, don’t jump to the bandwagon of competition and climbing up the corporate ladder of success. Rather, choose a job that you are comfortable with, that can sharpen your skills, and that helps you to earn money even without stepping out of your home.
  • Be flexible with your work timing: Don’t opt for urgent-based jobs as there might be chances of not completing them when you have a newborn with you. Rather take weekly projects, so that you have ample time to complete them on time. And be prepared to work on flexible timings and not on regular fixed hours.
  • Make the workspace near the baby: Remember to create a small work space for yourself, preferably near the place where the baby spends most of her time. This way, you can keep an eye on your baby constantly, even while working.
  • Get a maid or delegate works to others: Just before your delivery, get a maid for your home. Ofcourse, your parents and in-laws will be there for you but they won’t stay with you for long, presuming that you don’t live with your in-laws. Train your maid to do household chores. When your baby is born, train your maid on how to hold the baby, change her nappy and so on. While you work from home, your maid will be of great help to you.
  • Don’t expect too much: You are mom…not a super woman and don’t try to be one too. Lower down your expectations. You cannot consider your house to be spic and span all the time. Let there be clutter here and there…nothing wrong in it. Your cook hasn’t turned up and you don’t want to cook. Infact you are drained out and you don’t have energy to go to the kitchen to cook. It’s OK… order from outside. Your hubby’s clothes are not properly ironed. Not to worry. You don’t have to iron every single clothes that have been washed. But yes, your priority task will be keep your baby’s clothes neat, clean and properly ironed. Rest will be taken care of later.
  • Maintain a task list: This is very essential so as to keep a track of what you have been doing and what you need to do. Now that you have office work plus a baby to look after, with lot of things going in your mind, it is advisable to maintain a task list and prioritise the tasks as per their importance.
  • Online shopping: In the initial few months, you may not be able to step out of your home. Opt for online shopping to get your necessary stuff, right from groceries to clothes to baby products. This way you can save yourself ample of time and concentrate on your part-time job and your baby. But, however, this should not stop you from going out for your regular walks and other exercises to keep you healthy and fit.

Cherish every little moment you have with your baby!!! This is time which is never going to come back again. But, at the same time, you can also work and can efficiently handle both work and your baby.

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