Make Money out of Being a Fashion Style Expert, Fashion Blogger with GharSeNaukri


While most jobs require you to hold an office, with the concept of work from home, a lot of companies have made it possible for people to stay at home and contribute to the corporate world. Women specially benefit from this measure as they are restricted by family, duties, children and society. GharSeNaukri propagates the concept of work from home, particularly catering to the needs of women.

Online jobs in the fashion industry

While most jobs today are technical, one may also come across highly paid fashion bloggers or fashion stylists. Fashion is something that never loses it’s charm. With changing trends, it becomes necessary for all fashionistas to get inspiration somewhere and if you have it in you to guide the trends of fashion then GhareSeNaukri offers you the best online jobs available in the market. You will not just contribute to the world of fashion but also learn a lot from the experience. It’s not every day that one gets the opportunity to sit in their favourite couch and sip their coffee in their pajamas, while they majorly contribute to the world of fashion!

Being a fashion blogger and a style expert

If you are the one everyone in your family turns to for fashion advice and are constantly bothered by relatives to join them while they shop. If people around you look up to your dressing sense and you constantly get admired for the way you pulled off that “tricky dress”, well this profile is for you. All you need to have apart from an inherent fashion sense is a capability to write well. If you can write about things that charm people in the fashion industry from changing trends to adding your own unique touch, fashion blogging is the right profession for you. A lot of talented people never explore their potential in the field of fashion, sometimes because of unawareness and mostly because they can’t find the right platform to unleash their fashion sense.

GharSeNaukri has brought together the best of online fashion blogging jobs for all those who never had the chance before. Now you can write your views on fashion and trends for a job that pays! Don’t let your passion for fashion be diminished in being restricted to helping family pick out clothes for themselves, reach out and let your fashion sense talk in the blogs you write. This way your instinct in fashion would be recognised and appreciated by the right set of people. This will outsource you to brands and other fashion lovers.

Not just sharing opinion but getting some money out of it!

Now a dilemma for most fashion experts is when they have to look at someone making a major faux pas and keep mum. Sometimes people would ask for your advice in fashion, but on days when they actually are doing it wrong, they wouldn’t want to hear it from a unprofessional about how to dress. However to your relief there are people who wouldn’t just be willing to hear your opinion if your sense of fashion is crisp but they will also pay you for the job. Like they say, never let a talent go waste. Most fashionistas start with social media like facebook, instagram etc and if you have a good fan following then it’s imperative that you take that fashion sense to a higher platform. GharSeNAukri is a job portal that offers online jobs for fashion bloggers and style experts. If you can differentiate between Boho and street style then this is a tailor-made profile for you!

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