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How to Maintain a Perfect Work Life Balance When You Work from Home?

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A woman taking up work-from-home job is slowly setting its trend in Indian job market in recent years. When you work from home, there are many benefits: you give time to your family, you don’t have to commute, you work according to your convenience and you earn money. One of the most important reasons for which most Indian women leave their jobs is when they find it difficult to maintain work-life balance. So, many women opt for part-time or work-from-home jobs as it gives them the chance to find work-life balance. Maintaining a work-life balance is very essential in today’s age of stress, hypertension and competition. When you take a flexible job and work remotely but at the same time stress yourself by working round the clock with no time for yourself and family, then what is the point in taking up a work-from-home job? No matter how much you love your job, you always need time to relax and rejuvenate and find work-life balance.
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Tips to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance

  1. Know your strengths: When you have decided to work from home, always take up a project or job that you know you are sure of doing it and completing it on time. Focus on your strengths first. Take one or two projects at a time as per your capability and not many projects at one go. Just because you are working from home does not mean that you can be a multi-tasker and you are always and easily available.
  2. Time prioritization: Prioritize your time as per your tasks. If you have a to-do list with a number of tasks on it (both official and personal), you need to prioritize those tasks: (a) Urgent and important (b) Important but not urgent (c) Urgent but not important (d) Neither urgent nor important. Prioritizing time helps you to do your tasks efficiently without making it too stressful.
  3. Give yourself a personal time: Most women who work from home usually prefer to work during the time when the kids are in school. Once the kids come back home, you are again on your toes. So when it comes for your own personal time and space, you tend to ignore it and get yourself buried in your office and household work. But, this is bad. Give a personal time for yourself. You can use this time to read, listen to music, to watch TV, to do exercise, to sleep. You need your “me” time just to do anything you like.
  4. Schedule your work hours: Just because you work from home does not mean that you can work at any time. You need to have set work hours and you need to stick to that. Otherwise, there is every chance that you will be working until midnight every night because you did not get time to complete your office tasks and got busy with your normal household tasks.
  5. Manage your time for a long term as well: Maintain a diary for important dates and events like as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, kids school events, social commitments, including holidays. Remember that you are unavailable for work on those days, even if you have taken up a work-from-home job.
  6. Step out of your home: When you work from home, at times you can get lonely when everyone in the house leave for their respective works and you are alone working for yourself. So step out of your home, maybe for a small household errand. Or schedule some time to meet your old friends or old colleagues. It is always better to stay connected.
  7. Manage your mind and relax yourself: This is very essential. When you are in fear or anxiety or in self-doubt, try to strengthen your mental health through meditation or reading. Otherwise, spend time with someone who will enlighten you, support you and make you feel better.
  8. Take a break: Remember to take time out when you work from home. Take a coffee break or snack time break, the stuff that you normally do when you are working in an office. Give yourself a lunch break. If needed, take a short and sweet afternoon nap and then start working again with a fresh mind.
  9. Have that holiday: Whether with family or friends, make time for a holiday. Use those summer vacations or winter vacations of kids for a holiday outside. Make sure that you spent some quality time with them. Even a long weekend break somewhere nearby is better than nothing. Short holidays will definitely rejuvenate your body and mind.  This is very essential for a work-life balance.
  10. Maintain your health: Last but not the least, maintaining your health and a healthy lifestyle is very essential in today’s age. Eat healthy, do exercises, sleep on time and get proper sleep. If you follow a healthy way of living, you can implement the same for your family too.

Thus, when you work-from-home, make sure you follow the tips given above to maintain a perfect work-life balance.
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