Lose Belly Fat On Your Chair in 4 Simple Ways While Working From Home

Whether you work from home or in the office, you need to be on the chair and in front of your laptop for most of the time during the day. While in office, you get a chance to move here and there within the office complex, taking short breaks, meeting colleagues, things are different when you work from home. If you are a mom, working from home in a flexible job, then I am sure you get busy with your work as well as your household chores as soon as the day starts. But, with the intention of completing your office work before the kids get back home from school, you sit in front of the laptop without much movement, except of looking into the kitchen affairs or supervising your maid’s works. Under such circumstances, most women face the issue of weight gain, especially around the belly.

So how to keep yourself fit and slim while on the chair and in front of the laptop? Simple… you just need to do some simple exercises on the chair, which help you to lose your belly fat and also keep you flexible, energetic, healthy and fit.

Exercise 1: Knee Pull-Ins

While sitting on the chair, sit upright. Lift your knee into your abs. Take one knee at a time and continue this for 5-6 times for both the knees. Use your hands for support. Once this is done, lift both your knees together towards your abs. Do this again 5-6 times. While doing this, you should feel a pull in your abs.

Knee Pull-Ins-Exercise

Exercise 2: Stretch your body

This is another exercise which you can do while sitting on the chair. It helps releasing the muscle tensions. Rotate your neck sideways, clockwise, anti clockwise 5-6 times. Then put your hands straight in front of you, make a fist and rotate both your wrist. You can also make a grip of your hands and stretch in front and back. Pull your chair back a bit, stretch your legs and rotate your ankles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Keep on repeating these exercises during the entire day. These body stretching exercises help to lose tight muscles, help your muscles to relax and increase blood flow in the body. Stretching your body also helps to loosen body fats.


Exercise 3: Lift yourself up

While sitting on the chair, put your hands firmly on the seat. Your hands should be placed beside your thighs. At the same time, keep your knees tight together and your arms should be straight. Now, pull your abs in and lift your hips and feet up and hold on your arms only for few seconds. Slowly, get back on your seat. Again, lift your hips up and repeat the process 5-6 times. This exercise helps in toning your stomach, reducing your belly fat and is great for core and arms too.


Exercise 4: Reach the floor

If you want a flat stomach with no love handles, you can try doing this exercise on the chair. Keep your feet tight on the floor. Stretch your arms out at your side. Now, stretch and lean one arm to reach your opposite feet. Then you take the second arm, stretch to reach the other feet. Keep on stretching your arms alternately to reach the floor for 5, 6 times.

Reach the floor

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