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Image Source: Yourstory.com
Image Source: Yourstory.com

Petoo’ is a unique concept in restaurants at Bangalore. Petoo wants to popularize Indian food, make it accessible and market it in neatly packed boxes with on time delivery to customers. It is an innovation to bring into vogue healthy home cooked Indian delicacies.

Petoo wants to hire female Home Chefs / Home Cooks or Entrepreneur in Residence. We are looking for:

  • A person whose priority aim is to delight the customers by serving good palatable food, able to speak and take feedback from customers, should be able to basic calculation, accounting and maintain stock registers.
  • Should be able to use smart phones or TAB to take an order.
  • Possess all the capabilities to function as a restaurant from home.
  • EIR should have storage space or they can even rent a space on a security deposit of
  • Has to work for a minimum of 25 days in a month.

Petoo has certain essential guidelines for EIR for a proper functioning:

  • A systematic clean kitchen and inputs shall be given by Petoo as how to stack food items.
  • A random audit will be done and if any guidelines are not adhered to, the license will be revoked.
  • Customer is the top priority, no delay in timely delivery and food should be of good quality.
  • All sales should happen through Petoo Centre.

Petoo shall train all the Entrepreneurs in Residence on methods of storing and serving, the details of proprietary software, how to take orders and feedback, the protocol of delivery. To encourage women entrepreneurs, Petoo shall provide a salary and remuneration package too.

We are looking forward for you to start the entrepreneurial journey. Let your passion for cooking become a business of love.

Please Contact GSN to know more about this venture. We shall be grateful to answer your queries and shall provide all the support and guidance as desired by you.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Call: +91 8802-360360
E-mail: Info@gharsenaukri.com

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