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Learn to Speak English in Few Weeks: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Indian Housewives to be an English Speaking Expert

The English Language plays an important role in our life as it has become one of the most commonly spoken languages of the country, inspite of Hindi being the official language. One main reason is that this is a language understood globally by almost all people. Be it in interviews, offices, schools, colleges, businesses, or for any other purposes, the English Language helps us to communicate better. Be it reading English books, watching English movies, travelling around the world and interacting with people, this language has definitely broaden outlook, and has helped in many aspects from job opportunities to studying abroad to connecting people from every country and so on. Thus, in today’s age, to know to speak in English has actually become a necessity. Hence, it is necessary to learn to speak English.

Why English is important for an Indian woman?

Women, the most dormant segment of the country’s population, till a few years ago were only considered as an important constituent of the family. But things have changed over the years and Indian women of today have now become active participants in various walks of life and are a significant unit of the society, paving the way for social changes in the country. While women are breaking the traditional norms and moving out of their homes and empowering themselves, India still has a long way to go to make all women of our country completely empowered and independent.

What makes Indian women, especially in the remote or rural areas or small towns and cities lag behind the educated urban women? What makes Indian women hold back their dreams and passions in life? While there can be many reasons like as family obligations, societal norms, lack of education, lack of finances, it has been found that one prime reason is “NOT KNOWING TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH”. This, in turn, makes a woman lose her self-confidence and her willingness to work outside and be independent.

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How about learning English speaking in just few weeks?

According to a recent survey, women in small towns, remotes areas, tier 2 or tier 3 cities are mostly educated but remain as housewives or homemakers because of their incompetency in speaking English. There are many Indian women who have the desire to work or start something of their own but they do not have the courage to step out, only because of this language problem.

Considering this section of the society who is still lagging behind inspite of their passions and interests, GharSeNaukri.com, in association with Englishbolo.com have come up with this wonderful opportunity of providing training to speak English in just few weeks. Sounds too good to be true, isn’it ? But, actually you can do it. You can improve your speaking skills in English online anytime and anywhere, thanks to englishbolo.com (a joint initiative of – IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd and English Helper Education Technologies Pvt Ltd). All you need is a smart phone or a laptop or computer with good Internet connectivity.  You can learn on your own and then practice through live classes with the help of experts.

How to start?

  • Register your account at englishbolo.com
  • Answer few questions
  • You will get the English Speaking program that is best suited to you
  • Start learning to speak English
  • Practice on your own and with the help of experts


English speaking needs practice and englishbolo.com provides the right platform for you to practice on your own and with the help of experts. You learn and practice online as per your convenience, anywhere you want. Once you become an expert in spoken English in just a few weeks, a whole world of new opportunities await you. Get the jobs of your choice, freelance, part-time jobs, remote or flexible jobs at GharSeNaukri.com. Sign up and start learning the language. Be an English Speaking Expert right now!!!

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