India’s Unique Job Portal for Women Offering Work from Home Jobs was incepted in the year 2014 as the only job portal in the country to provide wonderful work-from-home opportunities and part-time job opportunities for women, which they can do conveniently from their home and earn money.


The basic objective behind the launch of this job portal is that it wants women of India from all nooks and corners of the country, from all walks and phases of life to be empowered, self-financed and independent.

The Need…

In India, 50% of our population comprises women. According to a World Bank report, India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce. It is reported that the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce. While we see women have made remarkable mark in various fields, be in politics, science, technology, music, art, literature, education, sports, and others, however, this comprises a very small percentage of Indian women population.  Indian women do make a contribution to the economic parameters of the nation but most of their contributions to the economy have not been accounted for.  And we see a huge number of educated young girls giving up their professional career for family obligations, for looking after kids, in-laws, or for other issues. We have seen under many circumstances, women tend to give up their passion, dreams, professional lives only to remain as a “housewife”.  So, in India, a huge section of women population is financially dependent on others, as a result of which we can say that they are not empowered.

Women empowerment through

While all others talk of women empowerment, Ajat Shatru, the young dynamic industrialist and CEO of has actually made women empowerment possible with the launch of this job portal. This is a job portal which caters to only jobs that can be done from home.  It is a portal which has more than 5 lakh registrations of women professionals of various skills, background, education and experience who are looking for wonderful work-from-home opportunities. It is a portal with a database of more than 500 eminent employers who are actually looking from women professionals that can work-from-home. And, it also provides online training on various skills for women to upgrade themselves and look for better job opportunities.

business opportunities

Start your own business…

Along with, Ajat Shatru launched a sister concern Women in Business in 2016. There are many women in the country, who are talented and skilful but their skills remain hidden within themselves. Keeping in mind this section of our society, was launched. This portal is launched with the objective of helping women to launch their own business. Any woman with her hobby or skill or talent, right from designing to baking to craft making to painting can now be an entrepreneur. All they need is to register on the site, display their products, get them sold online and earn money.

business opportunities

Wonderful jobs and business opportunities for women 

Both and are conceived to touch the lakhs of Indian women who are not working at present and have the desire to work and earn. Whether you are housewife or a new mom, whether you are presently working or not working, whether you are a retired professional or a fresh graduate, you will find a whole range of work-from-home opportunities, part-time, flexible jobs by registering at Similarly, if you have the desire to start something of your own, if you feel that your skill can be utilised in a better way, and you want to be an entrepreneur, then register on the site This is the right platform where in women who are not working at present can get jobs of their choice, be they in urban towns and cities or remote rural villages, and earn a decent income for the family.

The unique concept of this platform to offer ample part-time, flexible and work-from-home job opportunities for women has made this portal a reliable and popular one within a very short frame of time. In 2017, was designated as one of the most promising job portals for women. It follows a professional approach towards women empowerment..

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