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It’s Time for Employers to Support Diversity in the Workplace by Recruiting Women Professionals: GharSeNaukri.com is there to Support you

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Inclusion and diversity in the workplace is essential for employees as it helps itself in creating a great reputation for the organization, leading to increased profitability and opportunities for employees. Workplace diversity is important within the company as well as outside

What is gender diversity?

Gender diversity is equal or fair representation of employees of both genders. Gender diversity is important. When there is equal ratio of men and women in the workplace, it can have positive impact across the entire organization.

Benefits of gender diversity

So why is diversity important in the workplace and how are organizations missing out if they don’t get the gender balance right? Here are just a few reasons why gender diversity is beneficial for organizations:

  • A wider talent pool
  • Different points of view and approaches that come from different work experiences.
  • Enhanced work and team collaboration
  • Improved employees retention
  • Better performance
  • Better productivity
  • Improved recruitment
  • Diversity of management styles
  • Recognition of the organization etc.

Gender disparity in workplace in India

In India, gender disparity is a big issue since a very long time. Even today, we have only about 20 to 30% of women professionals in the workplace, and that too usually at entry levels and junior positions. With time, as women go up the professional ladder, we will find only about 10% women in management and senior roles and just about 6% at the board level.

It is also seen that at one point of time, most female employees have to give up their professional career for many reasons.  It can be marriage, motherhood, family obligations, mobility issues, or may be issues at the workplaces too. So many give up their career midway, leading to an increased gender disparity in the country. But giving up a job is not the solution.

It’s time for employers to support diversity in the workplace by recruiting women professionals

Having an inclusive and diversity in workplace is a powerful recruiting tool. Female professionals in today’s age look for organizations with a strong record on diversity. This allows them to grow professionally in the career ladder, when the company gives equal importance to both male and female employees. A reputation as an inclusive employer also reflects the positive values of the company, which will expand the employer’s reputation in the recruitment marketplace as well. So what should employers do?

  • Now it’s time for employers to give support to more and more women employees in the workplace
  • Its time for employers to provide all facilities and support to retain female recruits. These can be in the form of security at the workplace, pick and drop facilities, health insurance, proper maternity benefits, creche or child care facilities etc. Ofcourse, performance-based growth, irrespective of the gender
  • It’s also time to adopt flexible work models by recruiting women professionals where women get a chance to work from home and continue with their career
  • Tapping into these women can make a huge difference to a company’s productivity and at the same time make way for women empowerment

GharSeNaukri.com is here for inclusion and diversity at the workplace

“Empowering women while being at home is the motive behind GharSeNaukri.com”

GharSeNaukri.com believes in building a fair work environment for employers. We support organizations which provide equitable opportunity by engaging more and more female talent through our job portal. We help employers to source and recruit the right talent for the right job and to build a high-performance and efficient team. We give more emphasis on diversity at work place and so we are actually an “Equal Opportunity driven Company”.

Let us be your employment agency. We help employers to connect with diverse talent leads.

For more information about us and our services, get in touch with us at 9266660121 or visit us at GharSeNaukri.com

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