Is India Listening there are 16 Crore Women waiting to join the Work Force


India is one such country which simply cannot ignore that fact there are lot of women and if someone wants to quantify that into numbers, then they are in for a huge surprise. According to experts there are 16 crore women which is 160 million and many of whom are educated and with skills not utilized in the job market. Already there is a growing trend by many companies which allows people to work from home and that is why GharSeNaukri with its broad vision has decided to utilize this untapped work force. This allows company to hire qualified individuals to perform various tasks making it not only economically prudent for the organization but help bring more money into the market.

Now there is nothing wrong if a woman decides to stay home to take care of the family and there are many such women’s. But in many cases women have to leave their job due to other social constraints which does affect them emotionally. But in the current market there are plethora of job opportunities just waiting for someone to come and take over which sadly few have realized. From a business and economical prospective it is a criminal waste to ignore 160 million women who can contribute so much to our economy and their family.

India is moving at a healthy rate and GharSeNaukri is a bold platform to emancipate women. In the words of B. R. Ambedkar who not only framed our constitution but was also a champion of women upliftment said

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

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