Tips for a Great Interview

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How you feel at the end of an interview is a good barometer for quality. Most likely, if you have been authentic and composed, you have done a good job at the meeting. If you have felt and acted as an equal participant then you have probably made a solid impact.

An interview is an interaction between two or more people. It’s almost impossible to design for an assured and predictable outcome given human nature! However, it’s entirely possible to improve the likelihood of success with planning and practice.

Assuming, of course, that you have the basic qualifications needed for the job, you need to pay attention to some of the following for a good interview performance.

Be Prepared

Firstly, how are you preparing for the task ahead? It’s important to know the facts: the employer, the job itself and the details as depicted in your resume that support your candidature. Once that is done, it is critical to develop your strategy. This is the ultimate sales pitch; you have to know the buyer and focus on what they most need. Good preparation means you are anticipating the questions they will ask you; do ensure your responses are consistent with your strategy. Telling stories and describing real events from your own life is a good approach. Also, do not hesitate to get yourself a coach – a friend you trust or a mentor who knows you well. Enact the anticipated play and actively consider the insights you may receive from an objective third party.

Make a good first impression

Well begun, the saying goes, is half done. First impressions matter, especially when you may have no more than an hour to stake your claim. Presenting yourself in a manner that makes an impact requires focus on the details. Dress as per need, speak in English slowly and confidently, and research the company your interviewing at. That is better than arriving at the interview unprepared with little to talk about! At the venue, if you are waiting outside the meeting room, stay alert. Standing is better than sitting, breathing deep and keeping a warm, dry right hand for the inevitable handshake are minor but important details.

Remember the rule of 5

The Rule of Five is what works here. The first five seconds when both parties meet, the first five words or phrases make an impact. If you are relaxed, having pumped a steady stream of oxygen rich blood to your head, you are off to a good start. If you have started well then don’t lose the advantage. Through the interaction keep your breathing even, stay balanced in posture, as steady and as still as you can be. Demonstrate your listening skills with your eyes and with your expressions. When you speak, speak well and turn up the volume to enable you to come across as engaged and energetic. Impressions matter!

Pay attention and keep up with the pace

Finally, do not forget your customer, the interviewer. You must take your cues from what he or she wants. They set the tone for the interview and you must follow. If they want you to talk then shoot away or, if they need you to listen then do so with equal energy. Try and have a conversation on equal terms. Respect the position and role of the hiring party and ensure your composure and dignity. Remember that while you cannot control the other party, you drive your own actions. Yes, the job is important and so are you!
These days, many employers look to hire people who have a good command of spoken English, so it is a good idea to work on this skill. If you are looking to improve your English with an online English language learning course, try EnglishBolo today. Learn with friendly live teachers and do well at your next interview.


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